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Tahitian Govt Offering FREE Pearl Specialist Certification !

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The Cultured Pearl Association of America, Inc., has long offered certification for pearl specialists. This certification is normally $600.  In a bold move to help the pearl industry and help generate more public interest in pearls, the government of Tahiti has decided to cover the cost of the classes & certification for a limited time!

If you're in retail jewelry sales, or think you might eventually want to work in a retail jewelry store, this is a great deal!  Or, if you simply want to learn more about cultured pearls, this is a great way to learn about the product!

If you've ever sat down with a certified pearl specialist at a retail jewelry store, this is the exact same certification s/he had.

You read the material, watch some videos, take a few quizzes, read and watch some more, then take the final exam.  The final covers the material that's presented throughout the course.  When done, you can save a pdf of your certificate for printing yourself.  If you want to order a certificate after passing the exam, you can then order one for $18 plus a few dollars for shipping.

This is a self-paced course, with no time limits on the exams.  I sat down and went through the entire thing in 10 hours.  However, you can spread it out over several days or more if you want.

Tip: while the purpose is to actually learn the material, you can have the course material open for reference in one window and the final exam open in another. Even with that, it'll be much easier if you do study the material.

Southern Jewel:
interesting...very interesting

I can only imagine the looks of others when they read over my resume:

Tax analyst and small business consultant
Adjunct instructor
Content creator


Certified pearl specialist


Southern Jewel:

My shared the link with my daughter-in-law and yes, she decided to take the course.
She is a jewelry junkie and this piqued her interest and for the price... she couldn't pass it up.

@uncleleroy -  :laugh
And i thought mine was diverse :laugh   
@Donna - glad she got in. Several years ago (in the late 80s or early 90s) I was at a jewelry store at a mall and the person they had assigned to selling the pearl jewelry had this very same certificate. It looked fancy and official to the customers. Even is she doesn't use it for employment, in sure she'll enjoy learning and knowing a little more about the product.


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