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WayOutWest tornadoes in OK


Southern Jewel:
Stay safe, I've been watching the tornadoes out your way... Scary!

It's been absolutely key-raaaay-zy, with a capital K!   We had over 60 tornados in one month!    And the flooding to boot, oy vey!!

Thankfully I'm on higher ground (house is higher than the nearest dam), so no worries about flooding and the tornadoes have all passed by at least 8 miles or so north of here and around 6-8 miles or so to the south.  Lots of sleepless nights, to be sure, though, what with some of the storms and tornadoes blowing through in the middle of the night. Those are the worst. In the day, the storm chasers can easily see where they are, so we get excellent news regarding precisely where they are. At night, though, it becomes more of a guessing game, especially when the storms pop up all of a sudden.

In other news, got my mother back on her feet. YaY!   She had other hip replaced and this time it didn't go so smooth.  Her back went out while laying in one position so long in bed during the recovery.  At first I was having to help her in and out of bed because of lack of mobility of leg, then it became having to help because of sharp nerve pain from back.  Which, I'm not really complaining. After all, it's my mom. She's done plenty in her life for me.  After six weeks of being on call 24/7 to help in and out of bed, though, I gotta say I'm glad it's over :)

Yes, please stay safe this tornado season.

Thank you.  Appreciate it.  Most of the flooding is over with, but still getting rounds of rain from time to time, so the lakes are still overstuffed.  Flooding washed out my rural water company's main line for filling the water towers, resulting in water draining OUT of the towers   :o They got it shut off, but we're waaaaaay low and under mandatory rationing (and have been for a few weeks now).  Could be worse, though, a couple of towns nearby are on the same system, but a different tower, and have no water at all  :-X :-X They cant fix it until the lake gets low enough that they're no longer draining water out of it (pipe ran underground below the spillway) and right now it's still 21 feet above normal.

Aside from the water thing, though, everything okay here :)   Hope everyone is doing okay.

Southern Jewel:
We're officially in Hurricane 2019 Season.
Our weather is just so off and has been for years.


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