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Southern Jewel:
So very happy that Steve, WayOutWest, took it upon himself to save this forum.

UncleLeroy & Donna - welcome. Thanks for being here :)  fair season almost over so I'll be able to be around more soon.  Also trimming down the shows, making even more time. :)

Southern Jewel:
Waving like crazy...
Hey Steve!
Be careful on the roads.

Thanks. It's been crazy this season. Heard a horrible noise from rear of truck after loading it to head to Milwaukee, so had to unload it, take it in, then reload it (was pinion bearing). Then for next leg of trip, the truck busted a leaf in one leaf spring and got a leak in an air ride (air bag suspension between leaf spring and frame). Had to pull over every 30 mins on drive from Milwaukee to Saint Paul to add more air to air ride. Got that fixed while fair was going on, but took two trips to repair shop because they didn't check their work the first time (argh!). Slide out on trailer having problems again, Even though we just got it fixed. Now I gotta replace radiator on truck and trace wire on taillight to find why it's not working.  On the plus side, it could all be worse, right? :)

In other news, we told the Wisc State Fair that even though we've been there for 33 yrs, this is our last year there. Their 13 hr days and fair mgmt pissy attitude towards vendors isnt worth the little bit of $ we make.  Regardless of situation, you weigh misery Vs. money and in the case of that show, the misery factor is way too high.

Southern Jewel:
I agree.
Somethings are NON negotiable and the misery vs $$$ has to be taken into consideration.
Irregardless of the loss of dollars.
Mental health is so much more important.

Glad to see you!


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