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This forum closes on March 4th, 2019

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Southern Jewel:
Notice from GoDaddy: Cancels on 3/4/2019

+ Economy Hosting Linux Renewal

This forum goes away on March 4th, 2019
Forum is up for grabs only to someone I trust.

Retirement from eCommerce is coming and with it goes this forum.
Hope to be only doing a holiday season after this year.
Just cause, I can't give it up. <smile>
And the tax write-offs.

I'm going to turn off the lights and close the door on my way out.

Southern Jewel:
Steve/WayOutWest has agreed to take over the forum.
I'll still be hanging around.
Sliding into this 'retirement' of mine slowly.
Many thanks to Steve for keeping this forum going.

Sorry that I let it lapse for a little bit.  Got crazy busy at show in Houston.  :(   On plus side, we had best year ever at the show (whereas many vendors we know had worst year ever).

Southern Jewel:
Forum seems to be zooming faster.
Wonder if by reuploading it cleaned out the built up cache....

Thanks, Steve.

Thank you Steve for keeping this up. I'm not on here as much as before but I do enjoy it here. Can talk about stuff that Amazon can't snoop in on.


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