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One Customer's Complaint


Here's what a Canadian user has to say about Amazon's customer service.

Southern Jewel:
Worthy rant!
Not one for conspiracy theories, but...yuh!

That was sweet!

and he's spot on.  To top it off, now they've slowed down the 2-day Prime shipping.  Used to, I could order on Friday and get it on Sunday.  Now, It usually won't arrive until Monday or Tuesday.   Similar thing with the overnight shipping upcharge.  When I order, many of the items don't even have the overnight option available (even though they're FBA or sold by Amazon), and those that do have the fee a lot higher than it used to be. Sure, everything has gone up over the past few years, but still. . .  For those that don't have the overnight available, I suspect it's a case of the items being warehoused further away from me.


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