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NECCO possibly going out of business :(


NECCO, America's oldest candy maker, has announced that if they can't find a buyer, they will be closing their doors.

Sales of their candy has skyrocketed, with prices reportedly surging online on sites such as eBay (note:I havent verified whether or not prices are actually going up and if there's an arbitrage opportunity there)

Candies they make:
Sweethearts - those chalky, heart shaped candies with words such as "Be Mine" printed on them

NECCO Wafers - wafer candies in orange, lemon, lime, clove, chocolate, cinnamon, licorice, and wintergreen flavors

Candy Buttons

Clark Bar

Haviland Thin Mints - filling flavors of original mint, orange, raspberry, or double chocolate

Mighty Malts - malted milk balls

Sky Bar - chocolate bar with peanut, vanilla, caramel, and fudge

Slap Stix -caramel pop swirled with banana nougat

Squirrel Nut Zippers - peanut and caramel chews

Mary Jane - peanut butter chews

Never had a Sky Bar, but they sound good.  Loved the Mighty Malts as a kid. Same with the Haviland Thin Mints.  Sadly, I seldom see any of these candies for sale any more, thanks to competitors buying up the shelf space :(

Southern Jewel:
I read that yesterday.
Wondering if this would be the time to grab them and then sell them later at a huge markup.

Mary Janes...yummmmmmm
Haviland Mints...definitely love those along with the Squirrel Nut Zippers.

I didn't care much for the Mary Jane chew when I tried it, but I'm not a  peanut butter person (except reeses peanut butter cups)

Love the Haviland mints.  Remember back in the day when most restaurants had either those or the York Peppermint Patties next to the cash register, with many letting you take one for free?   *sigh*

Southern Jewel:
Oh local BBQ place still has the freebies by the register.

Massive peanut butter fan.
A grilled peanut butter banana sandwich?
Once a year treat for me...swooooooon!

I'm known for my nightly dipping into the peanut butter jar.

I've never really cared for NECCO. But, it is a shame to see a long-time company finally close its doors.


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