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Spelling of words and SEO


Came across this article when pondering how popular is it for people to spell the word jewellery with two l's and the extra e Vs. the Americanized spelling of jewelry.

What I found really interesting is in the comments area.  There's a poster that says that the number of searches for jewellery is higher than the number of searches for jewelry, even though the CPC for campaigns is higher for jewelry than for jewellery.

So it just goes to show that for SEO, one's first thought might not be the best one (in this case using the American spelling of the word jewelry on website).  It also makes me wonder what other similar instances there are that the alternative spelling or term might be better for SEO.

Southern Jewel:
It's amazing to me when I search out common spellings/misspellings what pops up.
It's essential knowledge for keywords.


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