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UPS Rate Changes - Effective July 11, 2016


UPS has announced rate changes that go into effect on July 11th of this year.  Among the changes, UPS is changing the measurement that determines whether the UPS Additional Handling charge will be applied, reducing it from 60" on the longest side to 48" on the longest side.

In addition, the Remote Area Surcharge (a.k.a. Extended Area Surcharge, a.k.a. Delivery Area Surcharge Extended) will be reduced.

For more information and to view the published retail rates that will be in effect on July 11, visit

The updated 2016 UPS Rate and Service Guide will be available for download on July 11, 2016.

Southern Jewel:
Good info.
I've never done a shipment a shipment with that large of a dimension, (EEEEEK!) but it's good to know.


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