Author Topic: Walmart trimming price matching, while Target expands price matching  (Read 2613 times)

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Since retail arbitrage is, to some degree or another, a part of the business plan of most online vendors such as ourselves, I though everyone here might find this of interest. 

Walmart has eliminated price matching in 500 of their stores, but won't say which stores -- you have to physically go to the store to find out.  Meanwhile, Target has increased the number of .com sites that it will price match at their brick and mortar locations.

Although Walmart has discontinued price matching at 500 of their stores, they will still price match at those stores (something that walmart used to not price match).  In addition, they have their Price Catcher program, which will rebate you the difference, should a local competitor be offering the same item at a lower price. However, Price Catcher only has the advertised prices from the larger shops.  It won't know about the sale flyer from, say, the local family run grocery store down the street. 

Meanwhile, Target is moving in the opposite direction, expanding their price matching program to include a total of 29 retailers (both their website and their B&Ms, if they have physical stores).  That being said, some of the retailers that Target has added carries primarily their own branded goods, which Target won't have, or heavily stocks product variants that are specific to their store.  The list of retailers that Target has added to their price matching program, regardless of whether or not they have a local B&M:
   Babies ‘R’ Us
   Bed Bath & Beyond
   Best Buy
   Barnes & Noble
   Buy Buy Baby
   Dick’s Sporting Goods
   Office Depot
   Sam’s Club
   Sports Authority
   Toys ‘R’ Us

For more information on Walmart's policy change:
For more information on Target's policy change:
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Re: Walmart trimming price matching, while Target expands price matching
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2016, 09:32:14 AM »
That falls into my category of 'Good Things To Know' that saves me $$$.
I'm a fixture at the local...Hi Donna, How are you today?
And there's not a Target within a 50 mile radius I've not visited and spent money.
Love them!

Thanks for the list, it's saved to my phone notes.

I've kinda-sort-almost cut out W-Marts (cept when doing arbitrage).
Wonder if it has anything to do with going head to head with Amazon online with their shipping/one cost Prime-type account?
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