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Southern Jewel's Fab Finds:
From the reports I've read from eBay and Amazon sellers.
Either they are busting all records this year on eBay or they are a bust on eBay.
No in the middle ground.
I still shop on eBay for certain things (purse-aholic and certain collectibles) and glad sellers and buyers are still there.
Some of the books I've purchased were actually a better deal on eBay than Amazon.
So far, I've sold 50% of what I've put up this bent and dent items I can't sell on Amazon or items that sell better in bulk on eBay.
Thankful for the sales.

Thanks for posting, Scoot.

Back a long time ago (Meg Whitman days), I primarily shopped on eBay.  Then it got to where I seldom shop there and primarily shop on Amazon.  I tend to only turn to eBay for things that I can't readily get on Amazon or that are just simply too high on Amazon (like DVDs have become, though I don't buy DVDs on eBay unless it's something that's hard to find). 

With more and more of the catalog on Amazon being screwed up, I'm starting to find myself turning to eBay (and other sites) more and more.  For example, try finding an authentic Samsung phone charger on Amazon.  You'll need at least a stiff drink, and possibly some xanax, afterwards  :(

The biggest things I have against shopping on eBay is the never knowing for sure what condition the item will be in (so many of the sellers there think that good condition = like new and excellent condition = new), when it will arrive (or even ship for that matter), and the lack of an unconditional 30-day guarantee.  I seldom need the 30-day guarantee, but when I do. . . 

For items that I'm willing to wait a few days to a week+ on, that I'm not happy with what I find on Amazon, and it's something that's new and not obscure, I'm looking at other sites such as bon-ton, newegg, boscov's, etc. (typically by plugging the search into google and seeing where, besides walmart ;), it takes me).   On Thanksgiving I bought new luggage on Bon-Ton, for example.

Like you said, Suthrn, from what I've heard from other sellers about eBay, it's either really good or it's really slow.

Boscov's, Bon-Ton and Belk's have become my three go-to resources as well.

Southern Jewel's Fab Finds:
I agree...
The Amazon catalog is so messed up I often find myself being frustrated and putting the item into a web search and moving forward.
With Price Blink Chrome extention for my web browser, it will show me coupons or lesser prices on items.

Yep, DVD's are an eBay purchase as are books.
Remember that was Amazon's start and I'm heading to eBay to buy them.
I purchased a Charcutterie book for my son the chef for Christmas.
Amazon? Over the moon pricing.
Sure I could've used my Prime account but the mark-up for even the used was over $25.00 more than I paid on eBay. 
EBay had the price I could live with.

Sure, I love my Prime account, and I use it often...but it still pays to shop around.
Why spend more than $25.00 more on an item when there the book sat on eBay for lots less and I still received the book within 5 days.

Original items on either eBay or Amazon?
Hard to find my friend, hard to find.
Xanax with a stiff drink chaser...haha...Good Advice!


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