Author Topic: USPS to Provide Free Tracking for All First Class and Media Mail Shipments  (Read 1352 times)

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USPS to Provide Free Tracking for All First Class and Media Mail Shipments
Jun 1, 2015

Starting June 1, 2015, all USPS First Class and Media Mail shipments will include free tracking numbers. With the elimination of this extra fee, you now have the opportunity to provide tracking on all your shipments for free.

In addition to USPS, FedEx and UPS also provide free tracking numbers on all shipments. The benefits of providing tracking numbers with all your shipments include:

Reduced buyer contacts: Approximately 40% of buyer contacts are about shipment status. The "Where's My Stuff" contact rate is 35 times greater for untracked shipments than it is for shipments with valid tracking.

Providing tracking numbers can help reduce the amount of time you spend answering shipping-related questions.

Decreased order defects: The order defect rate for untracked shipments is 1.7 times greater than the rate for tracked shipments.

Protection against A-to-z guarantee claims: Without tracking, a seller automatically loses any "Order not received" A-to-z claim. Tracking helps you represent yourself against these claims and prevent against unnecessary losses. Additionally, because tracking gives buyers the ability to track the exact location of the shipped package, sellers usually receive fewer claims.

Improved seller feedback ratings: Buyers who can track the progress of their packages tend to leave higher seller feedback ratings. Buyers tell us that getting their products on time and having the ability to track their packages are two of the most important reasons to leave positive feedback.

Reduced lost shipment costs: Tracking can significantly reduce the costs associated with a lost shipment. If a package is lost in transit, sellers can use tracking to find out where it was lost and determine responsibility

Improved conversion: Sellers who use tracking on 98% of shipments and deliver on time 97% of the time are eligible to reduce their handling and transit promise times. This is proven to increase conversion and GMS. Learn more about Reduced Handling and Transit Times.

Eligibility for exclusive programs: Sellers who provide tracking for their packages and meet their delivery promises can qualify for programs, such as Premium Shipping Options, which are proven to increase conversion and drive sales. Learn more: Learn more about Premium Shipping Options

footnote by me: I never, ever ship anything without tracking if I'm self-fulfilling. I want to treat my customers (and cover myself as a seller) the way I want to be treated as a buyer. And I want tracking. Media, First Class, if I sell it then my customer receives it.


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