Author Topic: Etsy Snubs Vintage in Mother's Day Promotion  (Read 1544 times)

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Etsy Snubs Vintage in Mother's Day Promotion
« on: April 28, 2015, 07:18:20 PM »
Etsy Snubs Vintage in Mother's Day Promotion
By: Ina Steiner

When a seller of antique and vintage home decor and collectibles reported a bug that prevented her from clicking on vintage in a Mother's Day marketing campaign, she discovered it wasn't a glitch, but an intentional decision by Etsy to exclude vintage goods.

"Today's Etsy Finds Email, specifically the Gifts for Mom, is stuck on Handmade," the seller wrote. "Nothing happens when I click on Vintage or All Items."

An Etsy moderator replied, "So, with this particular Browse section, we're not offering "Vintage" as a selection here and that's why it has been greyed out. Depending on the themes, we may or may not display Vintage as an option. As you probably already know, we provide a Browse section fully dedicated to Vintage Items only."

Sellers of vintage goods have long complained they're forgotten or ignored by Etsy management, but this intentional snub has many sellers upset.

Several sellers wondered why they paid the same in fees as sellers of handmade goods but got less exposure to shoppers, such as one who wrote, "I just don't get why this is done. If my items aren't showing available across the site and Etsy is choosing to leave whole categories of sellers out of promotions (supplies and vintage) then why do we pay the same fees? I'm not trying to be rude or come across like a jerk. It is a genuine question."

And another seller asked when Etsy would be running a promotion that would only feature Vintage items and exclude handmade, adding, "I dislike seeing any categories excluded from any promotion."

Many wondered why the site would exclude vintage for a Mother's Day promotion. "There are so many wonderful vintage items that would be perfect for Mother's Day. Unique and lovely!"

The thread discussing the issue on the Etsy boards was started on Thursday and has grown to seven pages by Friday evening.


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