Author Topic: My HTC smart phone loses icons - images are blank / missing / default  (Read 1488 times)

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Did your HTC smartphone lose app icons (the images used on home screen) after moving programs to your SD card (such as with the App2SD utility) and either has no image or has used a default image?

The fix - sorta:

Go to Settings / Applications
Then select Running Services
Then click the "ALL" tab and scroll down to HTC Sense
Click HTC Sense and then click "Force Stop"
Now click your home button

Your phone will go to the white screen you seen at boot up and then will redraw your home page

It's not a true fix because you will more than likely have to do this every time you reboot your phone.  What's happening is it's drawing the screen before it sees the apps on the SD card. Restarting HTC Sense makes it rebuild the screen after it already knows about the apps. 

Of course, the real fix is to ditch enough apps that you don't need to move any to the SD card, but...  ;)

Another fix is to use a launcher app for the ones you've moved to the SD card, such as Circle Launcher.  I really like circle launcher for keeping my apps organized on my phone and highly recommend it.  You might think "if a launcher can see the icons, Android's built-in folders function for the home screen will too" but you'd be wrong, unfortunately.

edit to add: this is for the Gingerbread version of Android.  Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean are set up to not allow you to move apps to the SD card.
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