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Not ready for prime time
« on: January 24, 2012, 10:53:49 AM »
From a ccf post:

Poking around ebay Mexico, I found this listing for the "rare" copper 1943-S Lincoln Cent--google did the translation, which should make Numismatic HISTORY!

If 1943 is distinguished penis copper, worth a lot of money, usually 10,000 or more dollars! The reason is that penicillin is a 1943 copper coin error. Mint accidently used the wrong kind of metal when the coin planchet was struck, but very, very few of these actually left the Mint. Unfortunately, many copper pennies from 1943 to counterfeiting that floating around. Some were ones to be novelty items, and are only penis down steel or plated in copper. The others are attempted fraud, where someone has taken a 1948 copper penny has cut genuine and 8 in half, making it look like the 3.

Other details: 1943 was the only year that 'steelies' (aka Penis Wheat write II) were coined. Due to wartime rationing, the mint asked to find an alternative for the small copper penny. Switching to steel and zinc saved approximately 113,996,497 ounces of copper (~ 9.5 million troy pounds): this is covered with skin and many power lines

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Re: Not ready for prime time
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