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Southern Jewel:
National Hurricane Center

Weather Central - Hurricane Central

Weather Underground - Link directly to Hurricane Info

National Hurricane Center - Be Prepared

We sure dodged that bullet on the FL east coast but I have friends and relatives all up along the eastern seaboard. My brother lives in Annapolis, MD for one.

I certainly hope BETH has moved inland... have you heard anything Donna?

My thoughts are with all in her path!

I'm glad FL dodged this one too.  :whew  Sure feel for those who are in her path.  Thanks for the links Donna.

I have some survivor-type guilt but I can't tell you it's enough that I'd volunteer FL for it.  :-[ I think we've had our share and then some. From what I can gather the northeast is completely unprepared for this kind of thing, though. I pray for the darn thing to blow itself out or out to sea. :pray


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