Author Topic: Once again: Warning of Fake Friending on Facebook  (Read 6701 times)

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Once again: Warning of Fake Friending on Facebook
« on: February 25, 2011, 11:29:33 AM »
Be forwarned: There's been an uptick in spam -- which has been a problem since inception -- suggests a potentially-growing fraction of the site's members have sham identities that are being used to extract personal information from legitimate users, say social media experts.

Along with gaining access to your info they can find out hints that would lead them to your password and more info about you.

Example: Back last year a person I know on Facebook that I've known since our early years, sent me a message that someone that was on my FB had friended them. This person was on my account as a friend. She asked did we go to school with this person, did I know this person and wondered why they would be asking her to add her if she didn't know them.

I gave the go-ahead that this person wasn't there to mine her info, but no we didn't go to school together nor did we know one another through our other life activities.

She did this the right way.
If I don't know a person yet they show mutual friends...I'll msg one of the mutual friends and ask how we know them.

Twice the person I msg'd didn't know the person and just assumed that someone else had approved them, so they did.

Be Smart when you're on any social media and use the same precautions that you would normally use for security.


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Re: Once again: Warning of Fake Friending on Facebook
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2011, 12:07:29 PM »
I forget the site, but I ran across it doing a reverse phone number lookup. I signed up for their free service, which was about useless, and every time I wanted useful information, they wanted ten bucks minimum for a monthly membership.

Then I'd get daily emails about how 8 people were looking for my name, including one guy who graduated from my school and year, and all would be revealed with a paid membership.  I've had the same phone # for 40+ years, bought this house in 1980, I'm not that hard to find. 

Figuring those 8 people are looking for me (specifically) about as seriously as my own search, I'm not paying ten bucks to find spammers.  I went back and cancelled my free membership.
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