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Auctiva Newsletter 11-20105
5 Holiday Sourcing Tips, Top-Rated Seller 'Dont's,' Boost Your Bottom Line and More

Suttora: Late-to-the-Game Holiday Sourcing
Schepp: What's Top-Rated About This? Part 1
Prince: Increase Profits by Reducing Fees
Top 5 Ways to Drive Traffic
De-Duping Your Listings
Santa May Come Early this Year
eBay Gets a Fresh Look for Fall
Amazon Wins N.C. Online Tax Case
Groupon Springs onto eBay
Students Opt for Entrepreneurial Path
eBay Outperforms 3Q Predications
Auctiva Blog
Weird and Wacky Listings
Ask Auctiva: Answers to Your Questions
Auctiva User Profile: Part-time Seller Turns Pro
Auctiva Commerce Spotlight: Glitters
Feedback Forum

Late-to-the-Game Holiday Sourcing
Learn 5 ways you can still pick up great seasonal inventory.
by Lisa Suttora
If you haven't yet done your holiday sourcing, you're probably wondering if you're already too late to the game. Even if you did stock up early, it's common to find your store running out of stock early in the season, or you may realize you bypassed purchasing some of the season's hottest items. Read story.

What's Top-Rated About This? Part 1
Even eBay's premier group of sellers has trouble with basic listing etiquette.
by Brad and Debra Schepp

Increase Profits by Reducing Fees
Recognize which fees can add to your business, and which just add cost.
by Dennis L. Prince

Top 5 Ways to Drive Traffic
Get more clicks on your listings with these proven methods.

De-Duping Your Listings
Get the inside scoop on eBay's new Duplicate Listing Policy.

View more Feature Articles.

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