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« on: April 05, 2009, 05:55:39 PM »
We are a new auction site starting up.
Please review and give as much feedback as possible.

Here is some info on the Members Area

My views section of the Members area:


My Summary,

My Messages, Questions, Responses, Important Messages,

All Buying, Item Watch, Bidding, Swaps Offered, Won, Didn't Win, Offers Placed, Personalized Picks, Abuse Report,

Sell an Item,

All Selling, Scheduled, Selling, Swaps Received, Sold, Ended, Bulk Lister, Ban List, Discount List, Pre-Approve List, About Me, My Store, My Picture Manager, My Global Announcement, My Folders (Selling Manager), My RSS Feed, My Newsletters,

Want It Now,


All Favorites, Keywords Watch,

My Banners, Live Banners, Paused Banners, Unstarted Banners, Ended Banners,

My Account, Personal Information, Banking Preferences, Selling Preferences, Mail Preferences, Feedback Forum, Cross-Promotion Connections, Suggest a Category, Fees Calculator, My Referrals, Invite Friends, ID Verification, Google Gadgets, My Notebook, Close My Account,

Dispute Console,

Community, Forums, Clubs / Groups, Chat Rooms, Member's Blogs, Arcade Room

CREDIT CENTER, Add Funds, Add Credit Card

These are all links from the Members Area

Our site is also SSL Secured.

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Re: New Auction site discussion! Give your input!
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2009, 05:58:23 PM »
Here is some info on the eBidds bulklister:

Version 3.0.5 (with eBay Items Importer)

Download eBidds Bulklister

New session / Change user

When you first open up the program and wish to start adding, revising, importing, exporting or uploading listings - you will be required to have your email, username and password handy, which are the same ones that you've registered with on our web site. Next, find the 'Change user' in the left panel under 'File' area and click on it.
You will be presented with a screen that asks you enter your registered Email, Username & Password. Fill the 3 fields out and click on 'Next' button.
Next, screen will finally connect the program to our web site and will check your information. If all checks has passed, you will be rewarded with the login session that is when you will see another screen which confirms it and will ask you to verify your other personal information such as location and etc. Please check all information on correctness and proceed by clicking in 'Finish' button. From this point, you are now fully rewarded with your own session and can proceed to using the program.

Button descriptions

To add a new item to your listings inventory, please click on 'Create New Item' button.
To preview your item's entire data, please select it in the Listing Inventory, and click on 'Preview Item' button.
To revise your existing item, please select it in the Listing Inventory, and click on 'Revise Item' button.
To duplicate your existing item, please select it in the Listing Inventory, and click on 'Duplicate Item' button.
To search for any existing item, please click on 'Search Item' button.
To see your member area online, please click on 'View Online' button.
To delete your existing items, please select items in the Listing Inventory, and click on 'Delete Items' button. You can also use 'Delete' button on your keyboard.
To go back in history while using Internet, please click on 'Back' button.
To go forward in history while using Internet, please click on 'Forward' button.
To stop Internet, please click on 'Stop' button.
To refresh Internet, please click on 'Refresh' button.
To go to Program's Home, please click on 'Home' button.
To print Internet, please click on 'Print' button.
To go to chosen Internet page, please click on 'Search' button. You must type a URL address first in URL field.
To tell your friend about our web site and the program you are using, please click on 'Tell a Friend' button.

Creating a new item or revising an existing one

First, click on 'Create New Item' button to proceed to the new screen (see image on the left). The 5 step process entirely supports our online Sell Item process. All the features that you've seen online, can be found in our offline program you are using. The first step asks you to select an item destination. There are 3 choices, please pick one and click on the 'Next' button to proceed.
On the second step, you are required to input a title for your item and select a category. You have a choice to optionally add a second category.
On the third step, you are met with the Item Description field and the Listing Designer interface. In the Item Description you can use all the basic HTML tools and the Supersize preview option, as well as search and replace box. The Listing Designer allows you to apply any of the designer themes for your listings. Your description will wrapped into a nice and unique frame and will make your listings to become more memorable for the buyers.
On the forth step, you are now required to input more mandatory information about your item, such as format, currency, quantity, starting price, country, zip, duration. As well as some optional information such as reserve price, private listing, buy-it-now price, bid increment, upgrades, swaps, photos and etc. Even thou, the photos are optional - we do recommend to add pictures the more the better - due to the fact that listings with images do attract 80% more buyers than listings without pictures.
On the fifth step, there is more mandatory and optional item information to be added such as shipping conditions, shipping information, payment methods, payment direct settings, hit counter style for your auction, and etc. If you do miss any mandatory fields and click on 'Save' button - you will see a message that will explain to you what is missing in your post. You can simply go back and forth thru steps without losing any typed in information. If you click on 'Cancel' button, only then you will lose all the typed and selected information. When you are in the Revise mode for your item, you will have same 5 steps but all the previously saved item information will automatically prefill all the fields. Tip: if you wish to have an item with all prefilled information but want to change some of it, then you can use the Duplicate feature in the Listing Inventory to duplicate any item, then double click on the duplicated item to enter the Revise mod and correct or change any fields you wish. Once saved, you'll have a different item in much shorter time by eliminating the needs to type into many fields and select required item fields.

Submitting your items to web site

When you are ready to submit your items from Listing Inventory to our web site, please start with selecting which items you want to add to.
Once selected, the items need to have their starting time set up. You can do it by choosing the right start date and time from the Start Time area. Note: you can only set the future date and time for your items not the past. We also offer you to space out multiple listings, this will allow your buyers to make sure they can catch up with the time your listings end - and will be able to bid on more items than usual. Once you have picked time you will click on 'Add to Upload' button. However, if you wish to start your listings as soon as they were uploaded then you must pick (if it was not already picked) the first radio button in the Start Time area - so your listings will be started ASAP.
On the Listings Waiting to be Uploaded screen, continue by selecting your items.
When you reached the Listings Waiting to be Uploaded screen, you still can change the Start Time (just in case, if you changed your mind) and proceed with uploading. Note: you must always select items that you wish to apply any operation to.
Once all items are set and ready to go, please click on 'Submit' button. You will be met with a new screen that will verify on what you wish to do - either Upload or Cancel. If you chose to upload, you will see the counting number of items that are being uploaded. When uploading is done, the successful message is shown.

Export/Save to file from Listings Waiting to Upload

At some times, you will want to save your items which are waiting to be uploaded and upload them at the later times or just simply archive them for the later use or transfer them to another computer. Then this feature is for you. First select the number of items that you want to be saved/exported to a file.
Then click on the 'Export to file' link in the menu on the left.
All selected items will be automatically processed and exported. Once finished, the successful message will show up to confirm it and to tell you the location of the saved file.

Import/Load from file to Listings Waiting to Upload

This is the opposite of the export/save to file feature. It is to import/load from that previously saved file. Locate the 'Import from file' link in the left panel and click on it.
You are now presented with the name of the file that needs to be loaded into the program. Please locate it (if you did keep the same location of the file - presumably the desktop) and open it.
The file is processed immediately and a successfully message will confirm that telling you the number of successfully imported items. The imported items from file are located in Listings Waiting to Upload screen.

Import items from web site to relist

The program allows you to import your active listings from our web site in order to relist them quicker than online. In one single shot. To do so, go to Imported Listings to Relist screen.
Now click on 'Import Items to Relist' button. You will need to wait until any and all active items were successfully imported.
Once your active items wereimported, you will be shown a successfully message to confirm it for you with a total number. From that moment you change their starting time or let them be ASAP and proceed by clicking on 'Relist All' button to open a new window that will ask you to actually upload them or cancel it. If you selected to upload, you will see a counting number of items that are being uploaded. Once the upload has finished, you will be able to exit the screen.

Import your eBay Listings

If you are selling on eBay and using its Turbo Lister, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that this program supports importing the items exported from Turbo Lister. Our program can easily process unlimited number of your eBay items with only one limit - the size of the RAM (cache memory) of your computer. To import the Turbo Lister CSV file please click on 'Import from Turbo Lister' link in the left panel.
Next window will ask you to follow 3 simple steps. First find the Turbo Lister CSV file that you have exported from Turbo Lister.
Click on the 'Step 1' button to open a dialog, locate the file on your hard drive the open it.
The second step can be unfolded by clicking on 'Show Step 2' button.
Please read on the warning and the diagram that explains what one type of two available exports, our program can import.
Next, you must fill out mandatory fields and select mandatory choices, such as currency, country, ship service type, as well as optional, such as ship internationally, Ship Instructions, etc.
The payment methods are required as well.
Finally, the time for the third step. Use the 'Step 3' button.
After a few moments, you are presented with a new screen, where you must assign categories to your eBay imported items. Due to the fact that eBay has its own category setup and classification, you must reassign the eBay's ones to ours. Here is how it is done: first select an item in the list box, then select a category from the left box (main category) and click on the 'Set Main Cat' button.
To easily navigate thru the category assignment process, we offer you several small helpers. In the list box, against each item, you can find original category id - the main one as well as the second one.
On the right side of the list box, you can see the main category name and id which are being assigned to.
We also offer you to import second category when necessary.
The main category selector can be seen on the right here.
The 2nd category selector is shown on the right.
The 'Set Main Cat' button is shown on the right as well as the imported items and assigned cat ids tracker.
Once all has been finished, the 'Finish' button will become active for you to proceed. Tip: if your items don't require all different cat ids then you can selected as many items as you want and assign one single cat id to all of them in one shot. Note: you must be aware of the fact that the bigger the list of imported items the longer it takes to process them. If you have several thousand items to process you might better off to make a long break from your computer while it is doing the job.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Hit the link on the top to go to the site to download the bulklister. It is compatable with eBay's turbo lister 2. We will start listing the the features of our site in more detail like we did here with the bulklister.
The eBidds Team


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Re: New Auction site discussion! Give your input!
« Reply #2 on: April 06, 2009, 12:33:07 PM »
Cathy Guisewaith even gave you some free publicity in her Sunday strip. How did you manage to pull that off?
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