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attention lardbutts
« on: June 22, 2011, 11:15:09 PM »
Yes, you.  If you're not morbidly obese, you can click on something else.
You're out of breath, and your knees have given you trouble for years.  It's hereditary.  :bull  If we were meant to carry around 300-500#, we'd be born with a backpack and 20 bowling balls.

Your TV time is split between the food channel and scooter infomercials.  Ask them if anyone ever gets a scooter, because it's not likely.  They're pushing Urban Assault wheelchairs.

Maybe you're thinking about getting a scooter, so you don't spend half the day at the amusement park catching up with everyone else.

Maybe you looked at a Rascal.  Don't.  Those are expensive toys for cripples.  If you've given up and are happy being a lardass, get a scooter that's designed for it.

After wearing out three rascals, Dave finally bought a Maxim.  For about half the cost, and no grief when anything needs fixed.  Rascal won't let you fix a $5 part, they want 3-4 digits for a whole new assembly.

The Maxim is like a hummer compared to a toyauto.  Everything is heavy duty, like batteries that last all day, and it scoots.

Word to the wise...we now return you to your irregularly scheduled commercial interruption.

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