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August 2018
Launch new products and enjoy an LTSF-free holiday

For a limited time, we are offering participating sellers long-term storage fee (LTSF) reimbursements for qualifying newly launched products.

Amazon will reimburse participating FBA sellers for up to six months of long-term storage fees for new-to-Amazon ASINs in qualifying categories* created between August 21, 2018, and November 30, 2018, and received at a fulfillment center by December 5, 2018.

To participate in the promotion, you must opt in by clicking the “I accept the promotion” link on the Long Term Storage promotion help page. The promotion help page also has full details, including eligibility terms and conditions. 

*Qualifying product categories Apparel, Appliances, Arts , Crafts & Sewing, Automotive, Baby Products, Beauty, Camera & Photo, Cell Phones & Accessories, Collectibles, Computer & Video Games, Computers, Electronics, Gift Cards, Grocery, Health & Personal Care, Home & Garden, Industrial & Scientific, Jewelry, Musical Instruments, Equipment & Accessories, Office Products, Patio, Lawn & Garden, Pet Supplies, Shoes, Sporting Goods, Tools & Home Improvement, Toys & Games, Watches, Wine

ASINs in the Media category are not eligible for the promotion.
Hey Bobby!

If I go to the movies, I damn sure wanna make sure it's worth the cost I'm paying.
So we only see blockbusters.
And those are packed.

Hope all is well with you and yours.
* E-commerce In The News / Re: Wal-Mart and eBooks/audio books
« Last post by Southern Jewel's Fab Finds on August 24, 2018, 11:43:50 AM »
I used to be like you and only wanted the print book.
I hear ya though.
I miss the smell of a new book.
I used to have books in my car, in every room of the house and in my purse.

I bought my first eBook reader and was hooked. (it was a Kobo just like the article mentions WMart is using)

Years ago escalated to a Kindle Fire 7.
But didn't like that the fire wasn't backlit.
I've had my Kindle Paperwhite for three (or is it four?) years.

One of the reasons I immediately liked it was I don't have to have my readers on to read.
Font size?
Background not white?
Sepia, please.
Yep, I can choose my font, too.
Online dictionary?
The ability to read others notes on the book while on my Kindle?
Can I use my local library to download books?
Do I have alot of ebooks I've purchased online outside of Amazon on my Kindle?
At least 500+ books I email to my Kindle and write convert in the subject.

Now, they are all on my Kindle in one place. (1800 and counting)
I have books that were published last week.

I have a crazy amount of classics because they are free on the public domain.
There are so many classics that should in my opinion be read over and over.
My stacks and stacks of books are pared down to one bookcase (to house my favorites) and one case that houses my cookbooks. (those are going to my son the chef...eventually)

I still buy 'touchable' books, but much more sparingly.
I just purchased two coffee table books that I wouldn't have purchased for my Kindle and yes, I am 'reading' those and the photo's in those books are well worth the price.

My motherinlaw (RIP) had macular degeneration and we could work the Kindle book to where in her late stages before going blind, she could read them.
My father (RIP) with a really large font could read his civil war history books.
Both had accepted the fact they would never be able to read again, even large print books didn't work.
But the e-reader gave them pleasure.

* E-commerce In The News / Re: Wal-Mart and eBooks/audio books
« Last post by uncleleroy on August 23, 2018, 11:04:09 PM »
I am old fashioned. I want a physical book to read. Never did care for reading a book on a computer much. If what I'm reading is a report of some kind, I'll go to campus and print it out there (only nice perk about being an adjunct use of copy sucks).
* Amazon Central / Re: Amazon Seller Forums
« Last post by uncleleroy on August 23, 2018, 11:02:11 PM »
I'm doing really well so I can't complain. But seeing all these "woe is me" threads makes me want to rub it in. I'm trying to be a calmer, gentler Leroy this time around. I doubt it will stick, but at least I'm trying. :)
* Amazon Central / Re: 2018 Holiday Selling in Toys & Games on
« Last post by uncleleroy on August 23, 2018, 10:59:48 PM »
Yes, we did receive early notifications in previous years, albeit not as many and not as early as this year.
* Amazon Central / Re: Amazon Is in the Running to Buy a Movie Theater Chain -
« Last post by bobby131313 on August 23, 2018, 09:41:37 PM »
You couldn't pay me to buy a theater. Every time I go there's only like 10 people.
* E-commerce In The News / Wal-Mart and eBooks/audio books
« Last post by Southern Jewel's Fab Finds on August 23, 2018, 11:00:55 AM »
Walmart eBooks Service
Saw that WalMart had entered the ebook business yesterday when searching out an eBook via an internet search.


The audible/ebook I was looking for was $10.00 less expensive on Amazon.
$10.00 off first purchase via Wal-Mart made them the same.
WMart is going to have to be more competitive on their pricing though.
Not seeing prices I would want to spend.
In the past did we receive monthly updates to Holidays Toys and Games?
Searched via my notifications from Amazon and don't see monthly notifications.
Received another today that I qualify.
Just seems early to receive this many notifications.

From the below linked article:
"There’s a 70-year-old antitrust settlement in place that could halt the move: Film studios have previously been barred from getting into the theater business, Bloomberg reported.
Amazon spent around $4.5 billion on original programming last year, according to Recode.
The settlement stems from a 1940s Supreme Court case that ended the old Hollywood practice of film studios owning the theaters that showed their flicks.

However, there has been discussion of challenging the decree, part of a wide effort by the Justice Department to review antitrust laws.

“It’s very possible that the Paramount decree gets overturned,” David Miller, an analyst with Imperial Capital LLC, told Bloomberg. “It will be interesting to see if Amazon could be the first to test the new rules.”

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