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* Amazon Central / Re: Any rumors for free removals from warehouse?
« on: January 06, 2017, 07:47:39 AM »
The loss of the one unit exemption really sucks!  Amazon wants to have a wide catalog, yet wants to fee us to death at the same time. :(
So, keeping in mind that if they get enough reports of bootloop, they *might* officially & publicly acknowledge the bootloop problem with the V10s like they did for the G4, I sent LG an email, pointing out that I understand my V10 isn't under warranty because it was bought used, but here's the build info on it so that their techs can add it to their list for tracking the issue.  I got an email back saying that they have two different warranty policies.  One is 12 months after purchase, when purchased from an official vendor, the other is a simple 15 months after the date of mfg printed under the battery!  So, they *might* repair it at no charge and gave me a prepaid shipping label for sending it in.

Crossing fingers and toes that they do fix it for me at no charge.  After all, it is a mfg. issue. . .    It'll mean that I have two high end phones, but that's okay. I can always use a spare, right?   :h0035  /says quietly to himself, "I'm not a hoarder, I'm not a hoarder"  :laugh

From what I've read, it takes around a month for repair turnaround time, but I'll keep updating with what happens (if they say it'll cost to repair, etc).
@Suthrn - glad to hear :) 

@Scooters- yeah, older LGs are great phones.  Dunno what happened to them.  From what I've been reading, it's a soldering issue combined with excessive heat.  Latest phones tend to get really hot. Add that to weak solder. . .  Some think it might be because of move towards reducing amount of lead in products (electronic solder has lead in it) but dunno.

I went ahead and took the plunge for the LG V20 because it has nearly every feature I want (removable battery, good camera, lots of memory, SD card, FM radio enabled, NFC payments/Android Pay). Would love for it to have front facing, stereo speakers, but alas. . .
Okay, as crazy as it is, even though your phone is at room temp, if you have the boot loop problem, put it in the freezer for 10 mins (sans battery) and you'll be able to turn it on!  Then, QUICKLY back up your data (using LG Bridge or other methods). 

Note: some people (including myself) have found that they have to leave the phone in the freezer while backing up their data.  Thank goodness for extra long USB cables!  And some have found that they only get one shot at it, so would be best to go ahead and plan on leaving it in freezer during the data backup.

Bootloop issues have been found with phones mfg in Oct of 2015 (when mine was made) and in Jan of 2016. 

@SuthrnJewel - if you bought a V10, I'd return it. There's no excuse for a phone dying after only 10 months of use (I've used mine 10 months).  Those of us that have had these die seem to all be people that are fairly heavy users and thus the phone frequently being warm to hot.
Well, sadly, it appears it was a sign of things to come. Now I can't turn my LG V10 phone on at all :(  I get the LG logo screen, and then it goes blank. I figured it was a case of the phone needing to recalibrate the battery and that triggering a bug.  However, it seems to be worse than that. I'm finding widespread reports of the V10 having this boot loop problem, with some people having theirs replaced 3x under warranty.  So, if your LG V10 starts having trouble turning on, even if you get it working normal again (like I did), get your docs and other data off of it ASAP.

Even with this problem (and the huge financial hit I've taken with it) I'm still going to buy a V20. Why? For one, LG is one of the few mfgs that still does removable batteries. Plus, I loved my V10 and it's 2nd screen for quick access to various apps and settings.  That being said, this time I'm buying new, that way it comes with mfg. warranty, especially since LG seems to have some sort of problem in the mfg. process that's plaguing their phones (bootloop in G4 and now V10, and bugs in the G5).

Oops!  Forgot about it.  :-[ Thanks for reminder.
sounds like a step in the right direction.
Best part of Prime, if the parcel is late, you get another free month of Prime.

This season I've scored 5 free months.  In the past 2 yrs I've scored a total of around 19 months.  :h0035  I have yet to pay the newer $99 price

Seriously, though, what I like about it is that I can (pretty much) count on when something is going to arrive. What with all the traveling I do, that's important.
* Amazon Central / Re: U.S. FBA fee changes - effective February 22, 2017
« on: December 19, 2016, 01:40:18 PM »
I've been doing likewise, looking more closely at each item.  I've also marked down some long tail items to move them on out, even if it's at a net loss.
Agreed. I seldom watch Amazon Prime Video because the offerings are pretty slim.  They do sometimes have videos that cant be found elsewhere, though.

Some of their originals are great, some of mediocre. Currently working my way through Man in the High Castle, Series 2.
The V20 has QuickCharge 3.0 (80% charge ability in 30 mins) and some other good features.  They enhanced some of the features of the V10 when they built the V20, such as better audio recording ability for the camcorder function.  However, the V20 camcorder doesn't have a manual mode (whereas the V10 has a manual mode for camcorder settings).

The LG G5 has an extended battery pack module you can pop on & QuickCharge 3.0. 

If I had to replace my V10 today, I'd either go with another V10 (partly because I have 3 batteries for it and an external battery charger for it), a G5 because of the modules for it, or the V20.  All are good units from what I've read, and all can be rooted.

Whichever model one goes with, I'd definitely recommend an external battery charger (especially considering what I went through with my V10) and a spare battery or two.

The Qi wireless charging is an add-on.  You buy the Qi sticker and stick it on under the battery cover. Pretty easy to do, but not really worth it aside from possibly having it on your nightstand for overnight charging.

If V10 or V20, I'd recommend a smart sleep flip cover.  They'll also have a cutout that lets you view the second screen without opening the cover (so can see incoming calls & msgs, see clock, etc).

BTW, my phone has decided to fully go back to normal.  Now if it shuts off automatically, I can plug it in to charge without any hassles about charging or booting.  I *think* what was going on was that it had to relearn the battery capacity.

Samsung brand QuickCharge 2.0 charger (not 3.0) from Amazon  ONLY buy it from Amazon. There are 3P sellers on the listing selling fakes.  B&H Photo price is $24, whereas Amazon price is under $10.  My guess is Amazon's price has been driven down by the people selling fakes on the listing.
I've been using samsung cords (that came with samsung quickcharge chargers I bought from Amazon) and an Amazon cord for my LG.  So far I've had to replace the Amazon Basics cord one time because it no longer made proper connection, but aside from that I haven't had any charger cord problems with this LG.

With all the features it has (fingerprint reader, NFC tap and go payment at checkout, IR blaster, the second screen at top, quickcharge2.0, its multi tasking abilities, etc), I love my LG V10.  One would think the ability to use one's phone as a TV remote is a frivolous feature you'd never use, but when traveling and staying in motels, it's quite handy.  E.g. stayed at a motel a couple of weeks ago that the remote didn't have a sleep button. Using my phone as a remote I was able to use the TVs sleep function. I do wish it had the FM radio feature that most cell phones have (but few have enabled). There are times when traveling that I'm in non-coverage areas, or spotty coverage areas.

Bought it barely used on ebay, so it came with a few extras, including wireless Qi charging installed, which isn't near as fast as plugging it it.  Cant QuickCharge via the Qi wireless.  The Qi wireless charges at the 5V rate, whereas the V10 has the 9V QuickCharge 2.0 built in.  The LG V20 & LG G5 both have QuickCharge 3.0 (charges at 12V).  That being said, the Qi wireless is handy for the nightstand for slow, overnight, charging.

For those not familiar with Qualcomm QuickCharge - traditional cell phones charge at 5V, with needed amperage ranging anywhere from 500ma to around 1a (1000ma).  Then came RapidCharge, which charges at the same 5V, but has boosted amperage and phones capable of making use of the higher amperage.  Now, the newest cell phones have upped the voltage. First came 9V charging with QuickCharge 2.0, then came 12V with QuickCharge 3.0.   The latest smart chargers will automatically switch to the proper voltage, depending on the device that's plugged in.  The advantage of QuickCharge becomes obvious when you see that at 9V, the LGV10 can go from dead to a full charge in just over an hour. The downside of QuickCharge is that this higher voltage will wear your battery out faster.

Despite the few quirks of the V10, I dont see myself going to another brand of phone any time in the near future.  Like your son, I use lots of storage on my phone and absolutely must have ability to use an SD card (currently have a 200GB card installed), and what with 13 hr workdays, I need to be able to pop in a spare battery midday.  Even if I do eventually change brands, I'll never go to a phone that doesn't let you remove the battery, not until the day comes that all mfgs. prevent it.
Welcome & thanks

My phone is still acting wonky at times. It appears to be a result of when the battery gets drained too far (just like how some chargers won't charge a battery that's over drained) combined with the latest OS update that was pushed out.

As long as I don't let it drain to the point of auto-shutdown it's now ok. If it drains that far I'm back in that same situation above. I can turn it off and back on without worry as long as there's still enough charge.

The real weirdness is having to pull the memory card before it'll turn back on (once the mess is triggered by letting it auto-shutdown due to drained battery).
Posting this in case anyone else encounters this and is searching online for the fix. When it happened to me I couldnt find the solution online. I found others with the same issue, but no answers. :(

Problem: LG V10 will not charge battery, and will not turn on unless you remove and reinsert microSD memory card.

The first solution to sort out is being able to turn it back on.  If you are experiencing the same glitch I did, you'll eventually discover that if you remove the battery,  pull the SD card, re-install the memory card and battery, it will then let you turn the phone on.  However, the glitch will remain and this procedure will still have to be done every time you need to turn it on (such as when swapping batteries since it's also not charging the battery).

The complete fix for the glitch - use your external charger to get a partial charge on your battery or a spare battery. Then, remove the battery from phone, remove the SD card, re-install both, then without turning on the phone, plug in the phone. The phone should then start charging. Once it starts charging, turn the phone on, wait for phone to fully finish booting, unplug the phone, turn phone off. It should now turn on without having to remove SD card and should also once again be able to charge the battery.

* Amazon Central / Re: The new scam Amazon won't warn you about
« on: November 27, 2016, 11:25:59 PM »
Agreed. And, it's certainly not a new scam, just a slight twist to an old scam. Though in the case of the buyer that almost immediately contacted Amazon, they should have been able to void the unused gift card and refund him.
* Amazon Central / Re: Amazon Important Change to Customer Review Policy
« on: November 19, 2016, 10:14:12 AM »
Even though I've bought a couple of items at deep discount prices in exchange for reviews, I agree. YaY!  I hate the fact competitors (primarily from China) can artifically boost their product ranking with them and hate having  to sift through those when shopping in order to find a product with real reviews.

The new policy hasn't fully stopped it yet, though. Was looking at some items earlier today that had recently posted "got this item for free" reviews. :(
* Web Site & Search Engines / Re: Any good with htaccess?
« on: November 19, 2016, 08:15:17 AM »
Sorry I missed this. Glad u got it sorted.
For the customer, that's a good thing. Glad I saw this  though because can  easily end  up missing  the deadline
Wow!  Now if only they'll do every year
The new, "Report Incorrect Product Information" link - I needed to use it today (well, needed is subjective, but. . .) because I stumbled upon a product that had two pages for it.  Of course the copy had numerous UPCs associated with it in addition to the real one, so it's been merged at least once already.

Anyway, I went looking for the link and couldn't find it.  I logged out of my buyer account, logged in using my seller account, and it appeared.  So, it's definitely only being shown to sellers.  And, of course, duplicate listing was not one of the choices *sigh*  I ended up using Other Details / Incorrect Information

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