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* Amazon Central / Re: Amazon lowered its free shipping minimum to $35
« on: March 01, 2017, 10:26:36 AM »
I really dread having to pay $99 for Prime (I still have yet to pay it thanks to all the free months due to late delivery that Ive gotten  :h0035)

For some walmart items, the price difference is big enough that people are using walmart to dropship to their AZ customers. Of course the customer might not be too happy when they see walmart as the return address. . .   I bought an item not too long ago that was that way. I ran the numbers (after seeing it was dropshipped) and it would have been $5 or $6 cheaper for me to have bought it direct from walmart (paid $30 on AZ.AZ was out of stock but 3P seller had it at similar price to what AZ normally sells it for).

As for everyday purchases that are FBA Vs. walmart, I'd rather go with AZ even if a tiny bit higher. Why? Because walmart takrs forever and a day to deliver on an unspecified day, whereas with Prime I know I'll have it in 2 days (or will get a free extra month of Prime).
* Amazon Central / Re: Amazon lowered its free shipping minimum to $35
« on: February 26, 2017, 08:46:15 AM »
Call me dense but I just dont get the whole walmart buying jet thing. I guess that's because I dont care for jet.  One thing I dont like is their whole 'the more you buy the more you save' model. Why cant I get that same savings if I buy 1 or 2? Also many items on jet arent any cheaper than other places and I find their website to be clunky. If walmart wanted a better ecommerce site, they could have easily revamped their crappy site.

Amazon lowering their free shipping minimum causes me to think their plan of converting people to Prime wasnt as big of a success as they had hoped.   Which, there are people that dont care for the streaming stuff Prime gets you and that dont shop Amazon enough to justify the $99 fee (or who simply cant afford the $99 fee). My mom is one of those ppl. Thanks to my sharing my Prime she does get the 2 day shipping benefit. If I wasnt sharing it, she simply would buy even less on Amazon than she does rather than paying the prime fee or the shipping upcharges.
* Amazon Central / Re: Amazon will build its own $1.5 billion air cargo hub
« on: February 14, 2017, 04:30:21 PM »
From the first article, "an Amazon subsidiary based in Beijing is now operating as a freight forwarding provider, arranging cargo shipments to the US for Amazon merchants based in China", which explains how so many sellers in China are readily finding their way to Amazon.

Interesting, but not surprising, to learn that Amazon is building this hub.  It wouldn't surprise me in the least to learn that their long game is to be the next UPS and overtake the shipping industry.
* Amazon Central / Re: Amazon collecting sales tax in 11 additional states
« on: February 14, 2017, 04:12:16 PM »
Excellent point.  I sometimes end up spending nearly an hour with a customer. Usually it's just 20-30 mins, but still, that translates into lots of lost productivity. Not to mention all the times I spend 10-20mins with a customer, only to have them not buy anything.

At the Kansas State Fair, we're in the bldg at the end of the row, furthest away from the main action on the fairgrounds.  Used to, I could work it by myself and still have plenty of time to polish all of the jewelry, restock inventory, and even make earrings and necklaces.  Now, because of more foot traffic to our bldg., it takes two to run it.  It's not that sales have increased, it's just that we have more foot traffic. 

My point is, there's a high number of customers that a B&M gets that simply don't buy anything, but they do require attention.  In the case of the Kansas Fair, our labor could be cut by half if one eliminated the non-buyers (which would be about the same with online Vs. a relatively busy B&M).  Add to that the time that's required to assist the customers that do buy stuff (time spent describing the product, letting them examine it, showing them pieces that match their wants/needs, helping them find an item they like that's in their price point, helping them find coordinating pieces, etc.), and that's a huge amount of labor expense that a B&M has Vs. what an online shop has.
* Amazon Central / Re: Amazon entering auto parts marketplace
« on: February 10, 2017, 02:43:37 AM »
It wouldn't be the first time Amazon has had a company drop ship for them. I've gotten an item or two in the past that were listed as sold by/ shipped by Amazon, but ended up being shipped by someone else.
* Amazon Central / Re: Amazon collecting sales tax in 11 additional states
« on: February 10, 2017, 02:40:09 AM »
You're absolutely right. The online retailers will find ways to cut prices even more if need be. Some will merely force the manufacturers to sell at lower prices, others will find other ways to cut their prices -- negotiate lower credit card rates, negotiate lower shipping costs with FedEx & UPS, trim staff, etc.
* Beyond eBay & Amazon / Re: For anyone who can get to Lancaster, Ohio
« on: February 09, 2017, 01:52:08 PM »
Just read this. One of the pallets even had some Sig Sauer pistols  :o wow! All those pallets make me wish I lived closer
* Amazon Central / Amazon collecting sales tax in 11 additional states
« on: February 09, 2017, 03:21:06 AM »
On Wednesday, Amazon began collecting sales tax for sales to customers in Mississippi, Missouri, Rhode Island, South Dakota and Vermont. It started last month in Louisiana, Iowa, Nebraska and Utah, and begins in Oklahoma and Wyoming on March 1.

Traditionally, Amazon has fought the collection of sales tax in states that it doesn't have nexus. However, it came to an agreement with the state government of Oklahoma to voluntarily collect sales tax, despite not having nexus. I have not researched the other states listed above, so I don't know the reason(s) for the collection of taxes in those states. Oklahoma's governor is prancing around in the media like a peacock in mating season over this win, but that's because the state current has nearly a billion dollar budget deficit this year and she's been getting some harsh criticism over it.

In addition to the above, lawmakers in Arkansas are advancing a plan to require out-of-state companies with no physical presence in the state to collect the tax if they sell more than $100,000 worth of products or make at least 200 transactions. While the intent is to force large companies to collect sales tax, that 200 transactions limit is an awfully low bar that will adversely affect small mom & pop companies.

Hopefully this will help the 3P sellers as people discover that many items on that aren't sold by Amazon are still without sales tax.

There are many B&Ms that are rejoicing over the so-called leveling of the playing field, but there are some that remain skeptical. I like a consumer comment that I heard on the radio today. He said that he was tired of hearing about the leveling of the playing field and that until the B&Ms start delivering to his door, they're not in competition with Amazon.  :laugh
The article compares it to FBA, but it's actually more of a competitor to Amazon's Multi-Channel Fulfillment program. Interesting to hear that Fedex is doing it.  Depending on the fees, might be a great option for many smaller vendors and ones that sell on Amazon but are FBM.

Fedex supply chain webpage (for U.S.)
Fedex Fulfillment webpage (for U.S.)

Also interesting to read (on Fedex site) that it's in Memphis (which makes sense) AND it's a fully temperature controlled facility (unlike Amazon).  They also have a similar program in Europe.

It looks to me like the fees are variable, and are negotiated based on volume & needs.  There's no fee chart at Fedex site, only a Contact Us button.
* Amazon Central / Re: Amazon entering auto parts marketplace
« on: February 08, 2017, 02:47:37 PM »
Yeah, they've carried quite a bit in the way of auto parts for some time now.  :017 Apparently this is an expansion of the parts they carry.   :?  The second article makes me think they've entered into a dropship agreement with some of the big parts warehouse companies.
* Amazon Central / Amazon entering auto parts marketplace
« on: February 07, 2017, 08:13:12 PM »
In the past, the auto parts industry was built on the local shop having a very large inventory of products on hand. More recently, the shops have been turning to centralized warehouses with a day or two delay for the customer to get the parts they need.

Amazon is looking to turn the parts industry on its head, by becoming the go to place for automotive parts, with same day delivery available in many markets.

The unknown factor is how the high return rate for auto parts that are mislabeled, or simply don't properly fit, is going to work out.  Many a time I've purchased a part that was supposed to fit, only to find it didn't. Sometimes this was because the part was wrong, other times it was because either the reference book book was wrong or the car was a one-off with a manufacturing deviation. 

On one of those occasions, my car was broken down in the auto parts parking lot, so finding the correct fit became a top concern of the sales people, who ended up coming out and taking measurements, so that they could find a part that did fit (since the part the book said would fit, didn't).  That's certainly the type of service you won't be able to get from Amazon.

Two interesting articles about it:
Yahoo Finance article: A double whammy from Trump and Amazon has short sellers piling into AutoZone

Art of Gears: Amazon Auto Parts A Brilliant Disaster
* Amazon Central / Re: Condition Box Going Away for New Items
« on: February 06, 2017, 09:10:43 PM »
About friggin time. What part of new needs condition notes? Either it matches the listing or it doesnt and it's either new or it's not. Not a difficult concept.
* Amazon Central / Re: Negative Feedback for an FBA order
« on: January 29, 2017, 03:27:40 AM »
Yeah, I hate to say it, but it sounds like a time to use the Jeff@  addy :(  which is absolutely nuts that youd have to resort to contacting the ceo over something that should be such a simple matter.
* Amazon Central / Re: Negative Feedback for an FBA order
« on: January 25, 2017, 05:26:42 PM »
Hoo boy!  I'd be banging my head against the wall, for sure :(
In the process I learned that even if the 1st delivery attempt has been made, you can still file a vacation hold. When they go to do the 2nd delivery attempt, they will see the vacation hold and intercept it (thus delaying the 2nd delivery attempt).   

When I called in to Fedex to verify that it would indeed apply to the shipment, even though the 1st delivery attempt had been made, the person in India had no clue as to the answer.  However, an in-person visit to Fedex verified it, and my personal experience with this shipment has verified it as well.
* Amazon Central / Re: Let the Split Shipments Begin!
« on: January 22, 2017, 12:51:53 AM »
Like you, Charlotte has always been good to me & Dallas a bit slow.
* Beyond eBay & Amazon / Re: Asking for a friend
« on: January 22, 2017, 12:48:03 AM »
Good question. Have no idea what the answer is, though. :( 
Another update and a bit of a warning to anyone shipping in their phone to LG repair center - when it's shipped back, they send it Fedex with direct signature required. That means that it MUST be signed for by someone at the address, and it cannot be held at a Fedex facility for pickup (it must be delivered to the address). 

According to the webpage, you can pay an upcharge and have it redirected somewhere else. But, I've also seen that same page (on other similar shipments) then error out saying that it cant be redirected. So, I dunno if you can do that with the LG shipment or not.

What you can do, if you're not going to be home during the 3 times they will attempt to deliver it - you can file a vacation hold for all shipments to your house. This will allow you to delay the delivery (up to 15 days if I remember correctly) and set it to be delivered on a day you will be there (e.g. on a Saturday).  You can also pay an upcharge to have it delivered on a specific date.
Results? Under warranty (despite being bought used on ebay) and a one day turn around at LG.  That's service :)
* Amazon Central / Re: Any rumors for free removals from warehouse?
« on: January 08, 2017, 12:04:56 AM »
Yeah, all long tail items are now no longer Amazon FBA viable. :(   As a consumer, I often turned to Amazon for those hard to find items, knowing that not only would it most likely be listed, but that there would also probably be at least one unit in a warehouse that can be delivered to me within 2 days. 

The consumers that have been trained to look to Amazon for hard to find items, and that aren't aware of the changes, are most likely wondering what the hell happened? Why is everything they look for no longer Prime eligible?   

I suspect Amazon's opening up of Prime shipping to FBM items is their rationale that many long tail items will still be available to the consumers with Prime, but that's not really the case. Many vendors don't have the volume necessary to enable them to ship to customers within 2 days without incurring huge shipping fees.

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