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* Amazon Central / Amazon shops to open inside some Kohl's stores
« on: September 07, 2017, 05:02:41 PM »
Read in full: Amazon shops to open inside some Kohl's stores

Amazon is continuing its effort to bring its online business into stores.
The department store on Wednesday announced Amazon "smart home spaces" are coming to 10 of its stores in the Los Angeles and Chicago areas, starting in October.
Shoppers will be able to buy Amazon gadgets -- like Kindles and Fire tablets -- accessories and smart home products, such as the Echo speaker at these locations. The dedicated spaces within Kohl's (KSS) are 1,000-square feet and will be staffed by Amazon sales associates.

near the end of the article:
Amazon is working hard to move the smart home category forward. Last week, it announced a partnership with Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30) that would allow their respective voice assistants to communicate with each other in third-party products. The effort could make consumers more likely to adopt smart home products if different voice assistant can work together.
* Amazon Central / Amazon and downtown San Francisco
« on: September 07, 2017, 11:10:10 AM »
Amazon just snapped up 200,000 square feet of office space in downtown San Francisco. They have 1,300 job openings in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley. 30,000 employees in the Bay Area alone and climbing. California will give the tax breaks when it wants but Amazon will want to poach the best of the best from Google, Facebook, Apple, Oracle etc... etc... that's why they keep expanding there. Yes, its expensive to live in the Bay Area but the benefits of being able to tap into the millions of qualified tech and executive talent makes it worth it.

Besides look whats already there:

Amazon Digital Music | San Francisco, California
Alexa Internet | San Francisco, California
Goodreads | San Francisco, California
Amazon Lab126 | Sunnyvale and Cupertino, California
Alexa | Sunnyvale and Cupertino, California
A9 | Palo Alto, California
Amazon Web Services | San Francisco and Palo Alto, California
Amazon Game Studios | San Francisco and Palo Alto, California
Twitch | San Francisco, California
TenMarks | Burlingame, California
* Amazon Central / Amazon Weather Alert for Hurricanes 2017
« on: September 06, 2017, 07:17:03 PM »
Received this from Amazon and it's a good reminder to all that there are vacation settings for a reason.

Dear Seller,

Our records indicate that you or your business may be located within an area that may be impacted by Hurricane Irma. Your safety and the viability of your business are important to us. Following are some actions you can take to help protect your business

-If you anticipate that you will be unable to meet your shipping service levels, consider temporarily setting your seller-fulfilled listings to inactive:

-To help preserve buyer trust and avoid negative feedback, contact buyers of seller-fulfilled orders via the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service about the status of their orders:

No action is required for products fulfilled by Amazon, and Amazon will handle messaging for all FBA orders impacted by Hurricane Irma.  If you have shipments en route to fulfillment centers in the impacted areas, you should expect delays and potential carrier reschedule notifications.

Additional updates can be found on the National Weather Service website:

* Amazon Central / Amazon Can Bring You Alcohol In Less Than Two Hours
« on: September 04, 2017, 06:37:00 PM »
Amazon Is Now The Boozy Friend Who Can Bring You Alcohol In Less Than Two Hours

In either case, Amazon’s Prime Now feature will help you out. It now promises to bring members alcohol ― beer, wine, and/or spirits ― in two hours or less. Prime Now is currently available in over 30 areas coast-to-coast, but so far only 12 U.S. cities have the opportunity to get alcoholic deliveries in the under-two-hour mark (There’s even an option to expedite that to one hour, for $7.99 more).

According to Food & Wine, these 12 get-you-alcohol-in-less-time-than-it-takes-to-watch-“Titanic” cities are:

Cincinnati, OH
Chicago, IL
Columbus, OH
Los Angeles, CA
Minneapolis, MN
New York City, NY
Phoenix. AZ
Portland, OR
Richmond, VA
San Diego, CA
San Francisco Bay Area
Seattle, WA

If your city isn’t on there yet, be patient ― odds are high Amazon’s working on a liquor license near you
* Amazon Central / Amazon + Whole Foods + Prime Ground Beef
« on: August 30, 2017, 02:29:22 PM »
Amazon + Whole Foods + Prime Ground Beef


* Amazon Central / The August Amazon Seller Newsletter is here
« on: August 29, 2017, 09:04:30 PM »
The August Amazon Seller Newsletter is here
Aug 21, 2017
This month, learn how to link your global accounts and sign on to all of them at once. Also: get a first look at Amazon’s first public drone delivery with Amazon Prime Air.

Read all about it
* Amazon Central / New feature improving the quality of search results
« on: August 29, 2017, 09:02:13 PM »
New feature improving the quality of search results
Aug 28, 2017
Amazon launched a feature that limits the length of the generic keywords attribute to less than 200 bytes in India, 500 bytes in Japan and 250 bytes in every other marketplace except China. The limits have been shown to improve the quality of search results. It applies to newly registered and existing ASINs.

Key Guidelines:

Keep content within the prescribed length limit (less than 250, 200 for India, 500 for Japan):
Length limit applies to total content in all generic keyword fields (a max. of 5 attributes).
Whole entry will be rejected upon exceeding limit.
Number of bytes equals number of characters for alphanumeric characters (e.g. a-z, 0-9) while other characters can be 2 bytes or more. Examples include ä (2 bytes), £ (2 bytes), € (3 bytes) or ❤ (3 bytes).
Spaces and punctuation (";" ",", ".") do not contribute to the length limit, but words should be space-separated. Punctuation between words is unnecessary.
Optimizing keyword content for search discoverability:
Do not include keywords that are not descriptive of the product.
Do not include brand names (even your own) or other product identifiers.
Do not duplicate content present in other attributes, such as title and bullet points.
No need to repeat keywords; once is enough.
Use keywords that are synonyms, hypernyms or spelling variations of content in visible attributes (e.g. if product title is 'whiskey', use 'whisky' in generic keywords).

For further information, see how to optimize listings for search and browse. <---Must Be Signed In
* Amazon Central / Manage FBA Inventory Report will show inbound data
« on: August 29, 2017, 09:00:58 PM »
The Manage FBA Inventory Report will show inbound data for shipments created in the last 18 months
Aug 29, 2017
Currently, the Shipping Queue and Received Inventory reports provide access to shipping data for shipments created in the last 18 months. To make our reports consistent, effective Sept 15th, 2017 we're updating the Manage FBA Inventory report to show inbound data for shipments created for the same 18-month time period.

Access the fulfillment reports <---Must Be Signed In
* Amazon Central / Immediately - Important change to bank account policy
« on: August 29, 2017, 08:59:38 PM »

Important change to bank account policy
Aug 29, 2017
Amazon no longer permits secondary users to change the deposit method on seller accounts. Only the primary account owner can make such changes. This policy is effective immediately.
* Amazon Central / General Adjustment Refunds... What?
« on: August 20, 2017, 12:33:25 PM »
My rash of recent refunds are General Adjustment for my FBA merchandise.
Amazon shipped these items.
General Adjustment.
They cannot give me a reason... you need to wait 45 days for us to give you a reason.

If my customers aren't receiving the items at all, items not received on time, damaged, etc...
Amazon needs to eat that cost as per our agreement.

My arguments are countered with you need to give us 45 days to let you know the reason.
I was counter argued once with our carrier can't find the package and I need to wait 45 days.
I countered with, your carrier lost the package, your carrier damaged my customers package, your carrier delivered late, you file against them.
Not the sellers issue, I pay you high fees in order that my customers will receive their packages via our agreement.
I as a seller, deserve a reason from Amazon.

</rant over>
* General Discussions / Black Friday 2017 100 days away
« on: August 15, 2017, 08:05:37 PM »
That's right.
It's coming.
100 days.

After that comes our ecommerce day.
Cyber Monday!

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!
* Amazon Central / Amazon refunded customer again...
« on: August 12, 2017, 09:44:04 AM »
Fulfilled by Amazon.
They can't find the package via carrier tracking.
Refunded customer. (which of course customer deserves refund)
Take $$$ from me.
This is an Amazon FBA issue.
Amazon Fulfilled guarantees my customers delivery of their purchase within promised delivery time.
I pay them high fees to do this.
Amazon didn't.
They should eat the cost.

Getting a rash of issues from CS that I've not seen in quite some time.
They are NOT being trained correctly.

</vent over>
Customer Service Gripe:
Refunded customer for an order that was close to 120 days old.
Accepted item back into my inventory that was a food item.
* Amazon Central / LTSF August 15, 2017 Coming Up Fast
« on: August 09, 2017, 09:41:59 AM »
Countdown is On!

The next Fulfillment by Amazon inventory cleanup is scheduled for August 15, 2017. On that day, units that have been in an Amazon fulfillment center in the U.S. for six to 12 months will be assessed a Long-Term Storage Fee of $11.25 per cubic foot. Units that have been in an Amazon fulfillment center for more than 12 months will be assessed a Long-Term Storage Fee of $22.50 per cubic foot.

In the past, one unit of each ASIN in storage has been exempt from the Long-Term Storage Fee.
Consistent with Amazon’s Long-Term Storage Fee assessment in February 2017, Long-Term Storage Fees are now assessed on all inventory that has been in a U.S. fulfillment center for six months or more. The fee exemption for one unit of each ASIN no longer applies.
We are not planning a free removal promotion prior to August 15, 2017.

If you file a Removal Order before August 15, 2017 to have this inventory returned to you, you will be unable to send in additional units of these ASINs until January 1, 2018.
You can continue to sell through your remaining inventory of these ASINs.
You are responsible for paying the appropriate fees for the return of these units.
* Amazon Central / Amazon's eating the media, too
« on: August 02, 2017, 05:29:12 PM »
Read in full: Amazon's eating the media, too

Amazon is moving into every sector from groceries to health care, but it's clear that dominating the media business is also a priority.
Why it matters: Not only is Amazon competing against digital media companies for ad revenue — they're challenging Hollywood studios for box office dominance, gobbling video distribution deals from cable companies, and launching social media and messaging networks to compete with the other major tech platforms. And their strategic investments to make money in these areas show no sign of slowing down.

Take the time to read it in full, it's not long...Interesting article.
I appreciate Amazon taking a photo of the delivery, but this isn't my front door.

Has this happened to anyone else? I can see how it'd be useful in proving a package was actually delivered, but this is not my front door. Cute door mat though.

Say Whuuut? I've not had this service, anyone else?
This is an easy and inexpensive way for Amazon to insure pkgs are delivered.
We just purchased a video doorbell.
So kewl to watch our packages being delivered, answering our 'doorbell' when we're not home and adding an extra layer of security.
Plus, I'm a nerd and like this sorta thing.
* Amazon Central / Sears to sell Kenmore brand on Amazon
« on: July 21, 2017, 10:32:04 AM »
From the article: Sears to sell Kenmore brand on Amazon

If you can't beat them, join them.

Sears Holdings Corp. will start selling its Kenmore line of refrigerators and stoves on Inc.'s website, marking the first distribution of its kitchen appliances outside of its own stores.

Sears's shares jumped 12% to $9.75 premarket, offsetting a 6.6% slump so far this year.

The move could be a boon to sales as dwindling foot traffic in stores has led to years of sales declines. Sears has been facing increased competition in white goods to Best Buy, Home Depot and other retail chains.

The company also said the partnership will benefit its Sears Home Services as it will provide delivery, installation and extended product protection for all Kenmore goods sold through Amazon.

My note: The appliances will have Alexa installed. Thus broadening the base of Amazon.
Me = Looking in pantry. Darn, I'm out of <insert name>
Looks over shoulder to Kenmore appliance and says: Alexa, Order <insert name>
Me thinking = Geeez, this is alot like Skynet

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