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* Beyond eBay & Amazon / I never learn..
« on: April 14, 2008, 12:37:49 PM »
 :poke  well we open a store at a new site we found at yahoo list, everything was fine until my first sale was a scam a man suppose be from USA ending be from Africa.. after that good sales of small items.. I start to trust the place and start to buy.. ??? I dumb bccs was the trouble start we send the payment by paypal and still dont receive it, also we send some payment regular money order, regular mail :053 get lost have to send again certify mail and still dont receive the items..
I made a coment about why I dont receive the items and I get suspended from the site :0771 bcs I complain, and the site receive complains from me asking for the items and .... :(..
well I decide to do another commetn to the site and also receive a warning for "sexualcontain and abuse" ... well that was great!! asking for my items was that?

well so I found another sites and now look for open my own store, accept good ideas and some critique..

Mary :)
* Promote Your Site / toddlers evening and party event dresses
« on: December 21, 2007, 01:07:15 PM »
we have thes small dresses for toddlers 1 to 6 years old, handmade type , satin, cotton and polyester :grinch, great for parties and events :up, handmade and all made here in USA :D!,store,100512,userid,shop
you can see some sellers adding phone # and emails and they still have the account open and offer items when suppose to be wanted item, :grinch
I buy a book and the seller send to us by email a application as a job type, we send it and  never receive the book, was suppose to be my son gift at December 4...well we decide to ask for and later our account was closed by iOffer bcs we offer/solicitation out the site? :053
it is really angry, does sellers can send those application, have their own phone # as those people reading cards and also send emails as a/@/com and they still have their accounts open  ???
someone else from iOffer around here?


we send some video games with ups at 10/10/2007 to Land of Lakes Fl and UPS never send the item, the person from Florida keep send emails about his items, we send the money back to the buyer but we lost wii players, xbox360 and wii in total 6 games...UPS still investigate after we send 2 faxes and 2 letters... my point is we also send with regular postal service a couple of wii's to NY and the buyer decide to change his address and we receive the wii's back open boxes but consoles back to us,,,
what happens with UPS, and when  we call them asking for the insurance we add :053 ???, still investigate?
 :pc is terrible

what is more safe now? :> holidays are here and we start to send in big amounts

I have a question about one method one of my buyers want to us to accept...escrow?
what that means and it is safe?
 :? sorry for the question but I really out of these... :)

Mary :pc
we sold some wii's at wholesale price and these person her credit card{american express} took around 9 days before to we receive the money..after more of 20 calls at day even in the night, these buyer keep call asking for her money.. we receive it and we ask her to we can send the wii's day, well after that :053 was a theats and offensive emails and phone calls ???, we have to charge the time we keep those 100 wii's in storage and we paid taxes as we explain...she threat us even the FBI gonna contact with us and we have to get the consecuenses :m218, so know we have careful as when they ask us  for wholesale,
after that ... she wants the wii's free ?:-X :-X :-X :-X
really these type of buyers are around all the time?
Mary :pc

we have some wii's ,ps3, xbox for wholesale price, we do our best to send the best of the items and we receive a person from NC, she send $19,360 for some wii's systems, for some reason her credit card was in trouble and get more of 9 days to arrive with us..
the point she call us more of 30 times a day even we explain her credit card{American Express} get time to paid us...
we learn our lesson and we dont send the items in all , because  we already lose more of 20 systems...
well the point these lady contact to us threat us and offend us, send emails about we can be against detectives, even CIA and FBI..even my son answer the phone and he just was as surprise as me, the way she talk in the phone, when I ask her stop contact after we send her money back as cashier check from my bank and register letter, she finish said she has friends at the FBI and going to be consecuences... really scare??? :053 after send her money back and wait for more of 9 days she want her items free ???, really  is terrible
 :017 :( :( ???
Mary :pc
* Beyond eBay & Amazon / iOFFER NEW BUSINESS SITE
« on: October 24, 2007, 02:45:59 PM »
we found a new place name, is something as ebay and located at San Francisco Area, looks fine and more people looks around and bring new people
is more sales of any of the other sites we found and looks as good in the point they system cancel most of the countries with more scams as Nigeria..
so anytime want visit  these is my name(someone use yellowsand) so I have to change it to Acapulco1964 :)

Mary :pc

we sold some xbox and Wii's to a person out of USA, the point was he open a discussion with googles asking for more items and money back, we send the proof of the invoices to Goggles from UPS customs... but get me  :053 when they receive the item and ask for more free :-X items :053

Mary :pc
* Promote Your Site / Wii, xbox, and gamecube and more
« on: July 10, 2007, 02:21:52 AM »
we bring more and more of our sytems to our places at the net, and all of them are in perfect condition, we also have items less of $5 and more video games, movies, and dvd'

Mary :hello3

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