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Title: New Ignore Feature
Post by: WayOutWest on May 10, 2013, 05:55:24 AM
Don't want to view the Wild West, Kiss the Cook, or some other forum(s)? You can now ignore those areas that you don't care to see. The ignore doesn't completely hide the areas, but does do a few things, such as prevent them from showing up in the Unread Posts search and prevents them from showing up on the portal page (home page).  Note: you cannot ignore the Bulletin Board, Welcome Wagon, or Calendar of Events forums.  Those 3 will show up in the list of available to be ignored, but the ignore function will not work on them.

You can also ignore users.  Sorry, but you can't ignore mods and admins   :0195

Access to both of these settings can be found in the sub-menu at profile / forum profile / modify profile