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* Web Site & Search Engines / Re: Critque me please
« on: July 02, 2007, 01:21:10 PM »
Suthrnjewl<----thumbs up at Dippity is our friend
* Beyond eBay & Amazon / Re: My storespace
« on: July 02, 2007, 01:16:25 PM »
Yep...I got that one, too.

I want them to get it I'm willing to have patience.

I'll keep a watch on my email account and if it comes, I'll let you know.
* Everything eBay / Re: When I fail to win an auction.
« on: July 02, 2007, 08:41:49 AM »
Thumbs up!

It's the little things in life that keep us happy....hahahaha...Love it!
* Web Site & Search Engines / Re: AT & T is offering a $10 DSL Plan
« on: July 01, 2007, 12:38:32 PM »
My cable is flying fast. Smokin!

I do have friends that have DSL..I've been to their homes and to be honest..what I use the internet for wasn't that much different for them as my cable.

I sell online (duh), read email and watch videos and post on forums. <smile>

I think if you're a heavy gamer it would make a huge difference.
* Everything eBay / Great article Auctionbytes July 1 07
« on: July 01, 2007, 12:32:12 PM »
This one talks about the new ebay Playground searches vs Real searches.
Seach out your items on the playground and then

I plan on letting eBay know what I think.
From the Editor
By Ina Steiner
July 01, 2007

Selling on eBay is getting more challenging, and I expect it to continue to get even harder through the end of the year for two reasons. First, eBay continues to try and clean up its site through Trust & Safety initiatives, and second, eBay is changing how listings appear in search results and is replacing its search technology.

Sellers are reeling this week from eBay's crackdown on "non-performing" sellers, with eBay doling out 14-day and permanent suspensions. eBay says it is ridding the site of the bottom two percent of sellers who make up a large percentage of bad buying experiences ( But as usual, eBay's implementation is coming under fire. Compounding the issue is the company's customer-service performance (read Letters from Readers in this issue and the comments in this AuctionBytes Blog post:

A major problem is that eBay may misidentify some "good" sellers as "bad" because of the problem of "bad buyers." Sellers must contend with deadbeats leaving them negative feedback and new users who don't necessarily understand or care about the consequences of their bidding and rating activities. Sellers must also deal with competitors who may target them by reporting them to eBay and even bidding on items and leaving negative feedback ratings. And if sellers can't present their side of the story to someone at eBay who has the authority to investigate and rectify those situations, then those sellers are left with the threat of suspension and potential loss of revenue.

I'm left wondering why, if it's such a good idea to rid the site of these sellers, eBay hasn't done it all along? And why eBay doesn't do the same with inactive User IDs? It's nice to tout 230+ million registered users, but if an ID has been idle for several years, and the contact information is invalid, what's the point of hanging on to them? Abandoned User IDs can pose a security risk to eBay's site, especially if the original owner has used a security-vulnerable password. It's tempting to wonder if eBay cares more about fraud and the buying experience on its site now that its growth rate is slowing.

An unintended consequence of eBay's crackdown: expect more sellers to hold off on leaving feedback until buyers leave them feedback first, despite that a good portion of eBay users feel sellers should leave feedback as soon as they receive payment from the buyer.

Some have noted the irony that in eBay's zeal to make sure that its sellers are practicing good customer service, its own customer service is being characterized as lacking. And eBay has taken away buyer protection for transactions unless buyers pay with PayPal - eBay itself won't protect buyers for many of the transactions on its own site, while demanding 100-percent buyer satisfaction from its sellers.

In the meantime, eBay has launched a site to help consumers in Vietnam buy and sell on eBay's existing international sites, despite having previously acknowledged that the worst violations on eBay come from members who register in one country, then sell on an eBay site in another country. The non-English-speaking buyer from Asia, while representing an opportunity to sellers, also represents yet another challenge.

In writing about his take on the crackdown (which he calls "eBay Seller Smackdown"), eBay seller Frank Ross says, "This underscores the idea that one should not rely completely on eBay. eBay sellers should have a plan a do business off eBay as well as on eBay" (

Randy Smythe has been observing eBay for years, first as one of its top PowerSellers, now as a failed businessman who learned some hard lessons about selling exclusively on eBay. Randy has attended 5 of the 6 eBay Live conferences since the first held in 2002, including the latest one held last month in Boston. He wrote an interesting blog post recently observing that the questions sellers ask eBay each year really haven't changed. The post makes for an interesting read (

The other area that should concern all sellers is eBay's plans to change the search technology on its site. eBay users can go to the "Playground," which accesses the real eBay site but uses new technology, so you can search, bid and buy and then let eBay know what you think of the new searching experience (

The new search technology (eBay calls search "finding") uses a similar technology to that found on eBay Express. All sellers should immediately begin using Item Specifics (product attributes) when listing items, if they haven't been already, because it's vital to gaining visibility for listings.

eBay also announced during eBay Live that it would start favoring sellers with good feedback ratings in search results starting with Best Match results (

Try searching for your products on the Playground and compare it to the regular search results. Tell eBay what you think of it now, rather than waiting until it's already rolled out site-wide.

And please tell us what you discover. There are several ways to leave feedback:

Leave a message on the AuctionBytes Hotline (Toll-Free 877-222-0856)
Post a message in the AuctionBytes forums
Send an email that I'll include in "Letters from Readers"
Post a comment on the AuctionBytes Blog (; there's an entry on the new Playground search technology, and another on the seller crackdown
* Web Site & Search Engines / AT & T is offering a $10 DSL Plan
« on: July 01, 2007, 12:03:10 PM »
below came in my Kim Komando weekly newsletter:

On last weekend’s show, I mentioned that AT&T is offering a $10 DSL plan. I’ve received a deluge of requests to repeat the information, so here it is!

AT&T recently acquired BellSouth. In a concession to the government, AT&T agreed to the $10 DSL plan. It is available throughout AT&T’s 22-state service area.

Only those who have never had AT&T or BellSouth broadband qualify. A one-year contract and local phone service are also required. AT&T will provide a free modem. AT&T isn’t advertising the plan. So you’ll need to poke around on its site. Look for a link for “Term contract plans.” You’ll also see it once you enter the application process.
* Dressed For Success / Re: Vintage Jewelry question
« on: July 01, 2007, 11:36:09 AM »
That wouldn't be Ansakathleen, would it?

back to your discussion.
* Great Deals / Re: FREE Hanes For Woman
« on: July 01, 2007, 07:37:31 AM »
GMTA Deborah.
(note to fellow board members who know my posting style...Please note the acronym <wink>)

Suthrnjewl<---acronym challenged
* Great Deals / Re: FREE Hanes For Woman
« on: July 01, 2007, 06:39:07 AM »
Bet they have your daughters size...right?
* Everything eBay / Re: eBay's newest click-n-win, instant win game
« on: July 01, 2007, 06:38:32 AM »
Congrats Deedee.

I still haven't won...<pout>
1957 ... "Singing the Blues" by Guy Mitchell

Now that suits me to a T.

Hi Shoes!

I'm a long time Auctiva user and love the service.

Normally when this occurs that means that a pop up blocker is on and blocking the image window from opening.

Be sure to enable all of your pop up blockers to allow and you'll be good to go.

Some instances of Zone Alarm have been known to block some pop up windows with Auctiva.

Please let me know what browser your using and virus software and if you're using a firewall.

Hope this helps!
* Beyond eBay & Amazon / Re: eCrater
« on: June 30, 2007, 05:03:49 PM »
Nice to meet you VintageAds...Cute ecrater Store.

Thumbs up!
* Everything eBay / Re: Anyone else get surprise gift from eBay?
« on: June 30, 2007, 05:02:02 PM »
I received a second one today.
This one specifically noted thanks for my participation on the eBay Stores Board.

I've only made one posting and that was on a thread of eBay sellers posting their sites to cross-promote.

I read the boards like crazy but I don't post under Suthrnjewl or any of my other selling IDs.

Dianne...Who the @&^$^#  wouldn't like you? Insane! Are you seeing the posts any better? I have been fiddling with controls and can't see why the see new threads isn't working.

* Everything eBay / Re: eBay created another toy - whoopie
« on: June 30, 2007, 04:41:20 PM »
My kinda gal CastleB.
<shaking hands>
In regards to the sales and it hurting the seller...The ads don't hurt my sales....or appear to hurt my sales....I sell.  

I also think that the auction template that Danielle, WAHM92 pared down to a crisp clean look helps.

Granted, I wish there was at least one less but <shrug> doesn't bother me.

My thoughts on this are that I think it bothers persons who are graphic designers or those who design artisticly for a living more than the general public, cuz it doesn't bother me.

What bothers me in an ad? Sound, Music, Talking, Brash Flashing Spinning Graphincs, Messing with how my pointer is used, i.e. floating heart, star, etc.

But I don't think to the regular buyer its bothersome...

As an example: I just purchased a set of brake pads and the ad was cluttered...and more. Didn't care. Good price, good feedback and the item was exactly what I wanted.

I bought a book online. No template. White background. Nada to it. Didn't sway me to buy their auction over another. It was the best price on the item I wanted and it had a buy it now.

I've had counters turned off even before Auctiva purchased Sellathon. I don't like my competitors seeing how many hits my items have. I'd rather pay for a month of Sellathon and have them not visible.

Auctiva Kevin had already made a posting on the boards bout the counters and the opt out.

If I have to revise my auctions, I strip all but one ad out. They haven't barked at me bout it.

OK...time to bring in the discussion of large screen tvs.

Wal-Mart edged out every single large retailer at Christmas time. Best Buy, Circuit City and more.

Wal-Mart is still underselling all of the companies.
Thanks for posting BT.

I know some of my payments via Google are small dollar but couldn't remember if I received any lower than 1.00.
* Auction Mgmt & Listing/Inventory Services / Re: Auctiva
« on: June 30, 2007, 08:25:16 AM »
I asked and Auctiva said it was fine to use with other services.

Here's how.....

Auctiva has a command on each listing to grab html. (if you need help finding it, lemme know)

Copy the html and paste into the form you need.

I.e., I used it with Yahoo and Overstock. I need to majorly work on my blujay items.
I've heard it works with IOffer and more..I just haven't tried.

Good Luck!
I love Auctiva and have been majorly happy with them for almost 3 years.

Thanks BT for bringing that up. I'm going to leave a post on the boards for the Auctiva staff.
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