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* Everything eBay / Re: eBay Store Levels and Selling Fees
« on: May 25, 2019, 10:50:58 PM »
I'll hang around a bit on Amazon...
Specifically October thru December.
After end of May this year, I hope <fingers crossed) to be on vacation from Amazon until October.
Maybe ship in one shipment a month off oddz and endz. 
That's easy money.
Otherwise, I'm having a ball doing my previous collectibles, vintage, etc on eBay.

Are your "vacation" plans working out for you?
That would explain everything.
Too bad that one-day thing isn't for everything. Just ordered a new printer and couldn't get it for a week. I looked at other places (Best Buy, Staples, Mfg. website, etc.) and all had free shipping at the same price and all had delivery dates of this coming Wednesday. But the extra ink I ordered to go along with the printer came the next day. Can't figure out what the delay was but everyone was in sync about the selling price as well as the delivery date.
* Amazon Central / Re: Jonesing for a free removal
« on: May 25, 2019, 10:40:36 PM »
I am working on more inventory control with respect to amounts. I finally got the last of the stuff cleaned out here and after tallying up the cost, I almost cried. Price softness from established competition as well as a bunch of 1st-year R/A players really hurt. Hurt my top line, hurt my bottom line but significantly helped Amazon's coffers.

My current order for this year took a lot of this into account. At this point, I would rather lose sales to being out of stock on a couple of items than be stuck with a lot of inventory that I eventually have to dump.

One of my sales reps knows one of the main competitors I have and told me they are not placing an order this year. I guess they got burned worse than me.
The stuff comes from China. Are we really surprised that they don't give a flip about the safety of American (or other kids worldwide)? This has been going on for decades and decades. However, had the tainted stuff got into the hands of Chinese children, you can be sure the government would have then intervened.
* Amazon Central / Re: Jonesing for a free removal
« on: May 10, 2019, 12:35:08 PM »
I just dumped a bunch of inventory. It isn't inventory that I could really sell anyways since it is 2019 dated and 2020 stuff will be out shortly (at least wholesale it will be). I'll let some sucker that loves to buy Amazon liquidation crap to resell on Amazon purchase all of it.  :h0035
It is okay, I do not need the customer's number. When the customer doesn't realize what is going on with this whole new anonymization thing and they refuse to answer the phone, nothing will get accomplished. Eventually customers might start blocking any number from Amazon's area code.

Speaking of which, I might just do that (block all calls from Amazon's area code). I am on my way to class yesterday and I notice that I missed this call from Amazon. I don't have any cases open I am thinking that Amazon might be using this same system to allow buyers to directly contact sellers via phone. If that is the case, then I am NOT a happy camper :(
I recently purchased something from Amazon and it got here the next day. Like Donna, I received the option of free one day Prime shipping.

Not too shabby, I must say.
According to the article:

"It's also a profitable area of business for the company. According to The Seattle Times, in 2018 Amazon pulled in nearly $43 billion in commissions and fees for fulfillment, shipping, and other seller services."

Ummm... that is a lot of money by anybody's standard. Even by our government.
Interesting read.
Just another way for states to milk every last penny out of everybody they can from any source they can possibly imagine.
* Amazon Central / Re: Action Required email from Amazon
« on: April 20, 2019, 02:39:23 AM »
Do you even have the product listed still in your inventory?
* Amazon Central / Re: Voice Of The Customer - Account Health - Beta
« on: April 20, 2019, 02:37:26 AM »
Just what we need is another metric
* Everything eBay / Re: eBay Store Levels and Selling Fees
« on: April 08, 2019, 11:11:35 PM »
Are you planning on leaving the Amazon platform entirely in the next year or so? And good for you in building your ebay store.
* Everything eBay / Re: New PayPal Policy Regarding Fees and Refunds
« on: April 08, 2019, 11:09:58 PM »
I think with this, you'll start to see some ebay sellers try to steer their customers into other methods of payment.
* Amazon Central / Re: Action Required email from Amazon
« on: April 08, 2019, 11:08:19 PM »
The "bots" flagged a whole slew of products such as books, software, etc. that were supposedly "pesticides". There's at least 16-17 threads on the Amazon forums right now about it. I guess the person that wrote the programming for the bot wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.
* Amazon Central / Re: Amazon launches house brand of cosmetics
« on: March 26, 2019, 01:34:32 AM »
How come the name sounds like something that a Chinese person would use?
It is a good start. But the fair pricing policy is still an antitrust issue like the price parity was. So while one thing did change, did the situation really change overall?
It looks as if Amazon is finally trying to switch over to a program called "Vendor One".

Hundreds (perhaps thousands) of merchants who sell direct to Amazon found their Vendor Central account suspended and then cancelled. The thread for the link in Seller Forums can be found here:

Forbes had an article the next day describing what had happened to these sellers. The Forbes article can be found here:

Here is the discussion about the situation on reddit:

I saw that story. So sad for the families of the victims. My thoughts and prayers are with them.
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