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Let's Get Moving! (Exercise & Weight Loss Support Here!)

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Welcome to all our new members, please feel free to join our ongoing exercise and weight loss support discussion!  We hope it will be motivating for all of us!

In the past this sort of thing has really helped me to not slack. Let's help support each other as we try to exercise more, eat healthier, and reach our fitness or weight goals.

I'd like to be able to bike 15-20 miles and feel exhilerated, not like I'm about to die, which is how I'd feel right now. Being physically fit is as important if not more important to me than losing weight, but I definitely need to lose weight, too. I'd like to lose at least 15 pounds. I gained 45-50 pounds while pregnant, and the last 15 pounds are not wanting to come off as easily as the first 25 or so did.

Having back problems and it being wintertime helped me get really out of shape, and bedrest really ruined my muscles. I've been trying to take walks with the baby and do other activities with her, and to bear in mind that even tho I need extra calories right now (breastfeeding burns a lot) and have a big appetite, I need to be eating healthy stuff and not using that as license to have an extra helping of dessert.

Today I'm going to get off my butt and try to do some cleaning and organizing. It's not real exercise but it's gonna burn a few calories...more than sitting at my computer, for sure!  :up

GO Dip! :cl :vibes :D
David and Deborah


Deborah, I'm so impressed that you rode 10 mph for an hour with those new knees of yours! Many people with their own good knees can't do that. I bet you'll be quite the fit bionic woman when your PT is all done  :up

Thank you!  :heartkiss

--- Quote ---I bet you'll be quite the fit bionic woman when your PT is all done 
--- End quote ---
As the saying goes, "from your mouth to God's ears!"  :h0035  Deborah


I have always found it difficult to not eat as much as I want to.


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