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15 Toxic Trespassers: Harmful Chemicals to Avoid in Products Women Use Everyday



--- Quote ---Did you know that there are toxic trespassers lurking in some of the products we use every day? Some of these chemicals are getting into our bodies and may be causing health problems. The following chemicals are of concern, particularly to women’s health. You can learn more about these chemicals through the WVE reports and fact sheets in italics under the chemical name.
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Also note, from Ten Steps to Reduce Exposure:

--- Quote ---Avoid Synthetic Fragrance

Look for cleaners, laundry detergents, and personal care products labeled “fragrance-free” Warning: “unscented” does not mean fragrance-free!
Discontinue use of air fresheners. Click here for tips to reduce odors around the home.

THE FACTS: Synthetic fragrance can be made up hundreds of chemicals, all of which are kept secret from consumers. Common fragrance chemicals include phthalates (reproductive and developmental harm) and synthetic musks (break down the body’s defenses against other toxic exposures, linked to increased risk of breast cancer).
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phthalates = dangerous


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