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Homeopathy Insights Notes and How Homeopathy Works

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I'll be adding a lot of case histories from the dental homeopathy 7 volume set by my homeopath, Dr. Phil Parsons, DDS, CCH. If you are interested in learning more about homeopathy, these case histories may encourage you to read more. Enjoy.

Southern Jewel's Fab Finds:
I was on your blog day before yesterday (I think)
Looking Good!
I googled for an answer and up comes your blog...
You have good SEO...not much else comes up in searches.

Thanks for checking the blog Donna! :) Added 3 more case histories today. There are MANY MORE to add. I cannot add each one as there are so many (7 volumes worth). I will be adding the shorter cases that I feel have overall appeal and show how successful homeopathy can be in the right hands.


Southern Jewel's Fab Finds:
It was your homeopathy flea posting from Pinterest that brought me to your blog...
I wanted you to know that Pinterest is working to bring viewers to your blog.
GO Sandy!


Veeeerrrrry Pinteresting.


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