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* Amazon Central / Re: Referral Fee Discount on Grocery Products
« Last post by Southern Jewel's Fab Finds on October 12, 2017, 03:08:23 PM »
From your brain...that's where the word came from.

Good, I'm glad I asked for clarification.
Still a nope.
Interesting...very interesting.
There is such a world-wide market.
As I'm hoping to retire, I just don't have the want to move forward outside of Amazon US.
EBay, heck yeah...I opened international sales...easy peasy.
I send to an eBay center and they handle everything else, paperwork, forms, etc.
If I could find one to sell, I would.

Tell me about it...I was flippin floored at the predicted cost after the new holiday fees went into effect.

For the most part the itemswere low cost to store at warehouse, then holiday storage fees would've been implemented in October.
Smarter to pull them out for free before the fees hit. I'll send them back in January after the holiday storage fees are dropped back down.
I don't live in the really big major cities...close enough, yet far enough to have a much more laid back life.
I do like Tampa/St Petersburg and north of Orlando though.
Don't give them any ideas.
* General Online Selling Questions & Issues / Re: Cross Border eCommerce Stats
« Last post by uncleleroy on October 12, 2017, 10:40:26 AM »

I wonder why there is such a large disparity between adult users of the internet that purchased something online and those that made an international order.
Nope. I haven't seen a dime of the liquidation proceeds. I didn't expect to receive much more than a few dollars. Ten if I was lucky. That's how few items I sent to liquidations.
* Amazon Central / Re: Referral Fee Discount on Grocery Products
« Last post by uncleleroy on October 12, 2017, 10:28:00 AM »
Yes, that is kind of what I am asking. Smaller (in size) items that are priced at the lower end of the continuum.

Continuum? I haven't used that term in a long time... wonder where that came from???
* Amazon Central / Re: Free inventory removal for a limited time 9-20-2017
« Last post by uncleleroy on October 12, 2017, 10:25:25 AM »
$162 a year in storage? What are you storing? A nuclear submarine?
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