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I mentioned this months ago...I think in July 2017.
Are prescription drugs the next target for Amazon?

Another day, another report that Amazon might try to upend a part of the traditional retail industry.
Are pharmacies and the health care business next?
Two analysts at Leerink, a boutique investment firm that focuses on the health care industry, said in a report Friday that Amazon (AMZN, Tech30) will "almost certainly" get into the prescription drug distribution business within the next two years.

Shares of the CVS (CVS) and Walgreen (WBA) drugstore chains both fell nearly 5% Friday following the release of the report. Pharmacy benefit management company Express Scripts (ESRX) dropped more than 2.5%.
The stocks were all down again Monday. CVS and Walgreen dropped 3% further and Express Scripts fell 5% -- even as Amazon rose and the Dow and Nasdaq hit new all-time highs.
Amazon is simplifying how we display prices to customers
Oct 5, 2017

Starting in mid-October, Amazon will begin simplifying the detail page to show your lowest offer price and a "list price," if you choose to provide one. When this change happens, prices formerly described as "sale" prices will be displayed as "prices." If you use the sale price, there will no longer be a separate field or display for pre-discounted prices after the change occurs. You do not need to take any action when the price display changes.

You might be interested in the following features:

List price: To include a list price, please review Amazon's Policy on Reference Prices, and complete the "Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)" field in Seller Central or in the inventory upload file. List prices must represent the price at which sellers or other retailer(s) have recently made substantial sales of the product in question. Sellers also are responsible for ensuring that the list prices provided to us remain current.

Promotions: To let customers know that you are offering a sale or special discount—such as percent off, buy one get one, or free shipping—using Promotions tools. For more information, see the Promotions Help page.

Things that make you go hmmmmmm
I didn't completely remove all of a sku.
I am selling sporadically selling items out of season that others are sold out of but still have a crazy high rank.
Removed some and left some.
I can send back to Amazon January 2nd (or earlier if I sell out).

It's a gamble but dang one of the items would cost me $162.00 a year it the heck outta there!
* Amazon Central / Re: Referral Fee Discount on Grocery Products
« Last post by Southern Jewel's Fab Finds on October 08, 2017, 10:07:46 AM »
So, if I am understanding this correctly, they want more cheaper, smaller-item groceries?
Not sure if this is what you're asking..
Do you consider cake mixes/muffin mixes/bags of candy etc smaller items even though they are over 16 ounces?
Not seeing the credits to my account though...Are you?
Same here. I only put stuff in liquidation that I wanted to never see again. It was free to dispose of (no disposal fee) and anything I'd get back would have been gravy. Oh well, maybe they'll try this again next year and I'll get to have some free disposals.
* Amazon Central / Re: Referral Fee Discount on Grocery Products
« Last post by uncleleroy on October 06, 2017, 09:00:18 PM »
So, if I am understanding this correctly, they want more cheaper, smaller-item groceries?
* Amazon Central / Re: Free inventory removal for a limited time 9-20-2017
« Last post by uncleleroy on October 06, 2017, 08:58:47 PM »
I am choosing not to. For the few products that don't move fast enough for me, I'll just lower the price to get some cash flow going.
182 items on their way to me.
Self-fulfill, Baby!
If they arrive in my hands in perfect condition....which hasn't been the case in the last year or so removals.
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