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* Amazon Central / Re: Updated FBA Liquidations Program
« Last post by Southern Jewel's Fab Finds on Yesterday at 11:41:07 AM »
Valid Points being raised in the Amazon Seller Forum with LTS fees coming out in August:
Clarification on the new "Liquidate FBA Inventory" option and storage fees
* Amazon Central / Updated FBA Liquidations Program
« Last post by Southern Jewel's Fab Finds on Yesterday at 11:38:01 AM »
Updated FBA Liquidations program

What changed?
Proceeds are automatically applied once your items sell and payment from the liquidators has been received.
It is easy to see which payments are proceeds and how much you received. Liquidated units appear at an order level in the Transaction View section of your Payments report. Payments display as Other with the product detail FBA Liquidation.
Your products will be attractively arranged to help optimize the recovery rate for your inventory.
For additional information, see Liquidating your inventory.
How FBAL works

When creating removal orders in Seller Central, you can choose to liquidate units of certain products in your U.S. inventory.

When you submit a removal order before accruing any long-term or monthly storage fees, you are not charged these fees for the removed inventory.

To learn more, go to Remove inventory from a fulfillment center.
Amazon accepts the highest offer for your liquidated inventory. The value depends on many factors—including, but not limited to—the current secondary market conditions of the units. You receive 90% of the recovered proceeds, the remaining 10% goes to a service fee.  Amazon cannot guarantee a selling price for liquidated inventory.
Amazon may discontinue this program at any time without advance notice.

How do I get started?

From the Manage Inventory page, select the items you want to remove. Go to the Action on selected drop-down list and select Create removal order.

You can also create a removal order from the Inventory Planning page by clicking either the Manage Excess Inventory or the Inventory Age tab.

Hoping you get this sorted out soon.
It's amazing to me when I search out common spellings/misspellings what pops up.
It's essential knowledge for keywords.
Thanks for the critique.
Those that find this thread via an internet search are going to be appreciative of your in depth analysis of the hosting.
* Web Site & Search Engines / Re: eCommerce Hosting - Magento & Magemojo
« Last post by WayOutWest on Yesterday at 07:43:41 AM »
I can say this for them, their admin controls are much easier to use than previous host. Setting up emails, setting up SSL certificate, etc., are all super easy to find in the admin panel and only a few clicks involved.
* Web Site & Search Engines / eCommerce Hosting - Magento & Magemojo
« Last post by WayOutWest on Yesterday at 02:36:19 AM »
So, as most of ya know, when I was selling ecig stuff, I examined a few different options, settled on Magento, and really liked it.  The only real problem I had with it was that my VPS host didn't have their server optimized for Magento, causing it to be slow at times (even kicking out some timeout errors) and any optimization of the server was up to me to deal with.  And, at the time I couldn't readily find a host that was focusing on Magento, except for a couple of very high priced ones.

My current host and software for jewelry site is no longer PCI compliant, due to the newer encryption and connection requirements and I've had it turned off for awhile until I could sit down and take the time to figure out what I wanted to do -- change software but keep host after getting host to update server, change hosts and get software patched, change both host and software, go to a fully managed ecommerce site such as shopify and move email hosting to godaddy, or what.

Well, I've done lots of looking and pricing and digging and finally settled on Magemojo for a host.  Their servers are configured to be fully PCI compliant, they focus specifically on hosting Magento stores, they will set up Magento for you and assist with your move from your current host, are reasonably priced (starter VPS packages are $58/month), include email server hosting, and so far I've had a good experience with their tech support.  They respond to all tickets promptly (claim 15 mins or less), 24/7.  On my current ticket they responded within 9 mins and their responses are in readable english!  They also have several Magento-related help pages available for their customers, saving both them and the customer many a headache.

While it's too early for me to give them a full review, if you're looking for a new host for an ecommerce site, you might consider Magemojo.

I'll try to remember to update this thread as my customer experience with them continues.
* General Online Selling Questions & Issues / Spelling of words and SEO
« Last post by WayOutWest on June 26, 2017, 09:09:44 PM »
Came across this article when pondering how popular is it for people to spell the word jewellery with two l's and the extra e Vs. the Americanized spelling of jewelry.

What I found really interesting is in the comments area.  There's a poster that says that the number of searches for jewellery is higher than the number of searches for jewelry, even though the CPC for campaigns is higher for jewelry than for jewellery.

So it just goes to show that for SEO, one's first thought might not be the best one (in this case using the American spelling of the word jewelry on website).  It also makes me wonder what other similar instances there are that the alternative spelling or term might be better for SEO.
* Amazon Central / Re: The final countdown to Prime Day 2017 has begun
« Last post by WayOutWest on June 26, 2017, 08:44:50 PM »
Surge protector is in the meter (behind it) and lighting hit secondary yard light that is on our side of the meter, thus on our side of the surge protector  :-(
Normally on top of this type of thing...but lost.
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