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* General Online Selling Questions & Issues / Re: This year's hot item?
« on: December 01, 2017, 06:36:28 PM »
Selling for as high as$70?  Wow! That's crazy. Good for resellers but geeze. Silly people lol
Agreed. I do wish they had a better system in place for buyers to communicate to us the reason for return, though. Was it not up to the standards they expected? Was the shade or color not what they thought it would be? Etc. Hopefully the new returns page fixes that.
From what I've seen, they like a mix of rural for larger facilities and outskirts of metro for same day deliveries, but I haven't studied their more recent acquisitions very much.

One of their early warehouses was an old textbook warehouse just outside of Coffeyville KS. It has rail and a small two lane highway to Tulsa (about an hour and a half drive).  The highway is now 4 lane the entire way. It was only 4 lane, 2 lanes each direction, for about 1/2 of the way, when Amazon bought the place. Amazon isn't using that warehouse any more, though, which seems odd to me since it's centrally located in U.S. (which is what appealed to them when they bought it).
* General Discussions / Re: Dropping in
« on: December 01, 2017, 06:13:55 PM »
Honestly, yeah, very tiresome. What really makes me crazy is 1, stuff getting misplaced because of constant moving (not just of booth, biz, and product, but personal effects too -- e.g. I just had to replace two credit cards that I know are simply lost somewhere in booth or RV. Probably slid between sofa and wall or somewhere similar in RV) and 2, having to play catch up on stuff around house, and the time we're home always seems to be when it's foul or simply miserable weather, making it a pain for outside stuff that needs doing.

Next year will be better though what with not doing Kansas any more. YaY!!
I understand the reason, since so many sellers have fallen for scam emails that are sent out for stealing login info, but I really hate 2-step verifications 😞
* General Discussions / Re: Dropping in
« on: October 31, 2017, 04:37:20 AM »
Supreme Court will pretty much have to rule against Creek Nation reservation status because of the can of worms.
 Does it eliminate state legislators from those areas incl. Tulsa? Does it mean ppl who live and work there are owed refunds of state income taxes? What about state sales tax collected there through the years? Not to mention that every case ever prosecuted by state that involves an indian tribe member would be overturned.  Even if still existing is 100% correct, I have doubts S.C. will rule that way.  Of course they could say that it doesnt affect any other case or event in past in order to prevent the legal mess.

Stranger Things 2 was good.

Gave notice to Kansas State Fair that we wont be returning, but that we would reconsider if they make some necessary changes (which wont happen). Will be nice to not have to race from MN to KS (MN ends 9pm Labor Day, takes us until 2am or so to be loaded, 12 hr drive to KS, and barely get set up in time for KS to open). Plus, after KS we only get 2 days at home before have to start Tulsa move in. Spend most of that time just doing the laundry that's accumulated for past month. Ugh!
Tulsa is trying hard to get it, saying how great our state and people are.  Lessee - crappy internet unless youre in downtown area, it's still okay to fire ppl here for being gay, even though we have an intl. airport, air service is pretty lacking, and mass transit is virtually non-existant.  Yeah, sounds like a place Amazon would love to open up shop, not. ::)
* Amazon Central / Re: Are prescription drugs the next target for Amazon?
« on: October 31, 2017, 04:07:58 AM »
Looks like you were pretty spot on. Amazon just got wholesale pharmacy licenses in multiple states. Nevada one looks to be for medical devices (controlled drugs box left unchecked) but. . .
* General Discussions / Re: Dropping in
« on: October 23, 2017, 09:38:38 PM »
I caught up on "Mom" while on road. Watched season 1 Ozarks (agree was good).

Jury duty didn't last long.  It's the end of the criminal court term, so they've been trying to clear the docket and only one case was left for the year.  A plea deal was worked out while us jurors were waiting in the wing, so to speak (all 100 of us in pool were in conference room down the hall). Once defendant signed waiver of right to jury trial, we were all sent home and wont be called back for at least 5 yrs. Glad because would have been a tough case to hear; was a rape and assault case  :-(

In other legal news, 10th circuit recently ruled in an appeal for guy on Okla death row that state didnt have jurisdiction because Congress never disestablished the Muscogee Creek Nation reservation (it's always been presumed that they did).  Ruling said if crime was committed by or against any indian on Creek Nation territory, it must be tried in tribal or federal court and Okla has zero jurisdiction.  :o. Creek nation area spans 11 counties and includes city of Tulsa. Big can of worms. Even raises ? of whether or not Okla improperly collected income taxes against people who live & work on Creek Nation land (incl Tulsa). It'll probably go to supreme court, but I read the 100+ pg verdict and judges laid out exactly why and seems clear to me that they ruled correctly based on laws & treaties.

* General Discussions / Dropping in
« on: October 23, 2017, 07:21:36 AM »
Just saying Hi and updating on what's going on. Finished with shows for year. Now gotta report for jury duty today. Hope everyone's been doing well.
* Amazon Central / Re: Scam Seller...Outta Hand
« on: September 23, 2017, 07:37:49 PM »
At MN Fair encountered person who had bought some silver rings on Amazon that turned out to be plated. One of those scamming chinese sellers sold it.  I told them to file AtoZ claims on both.

Apparently they're letting the jewelry category go to hell again. And like posted, us legit sellers who have been on Amazon for years are the ones that will be penalized. :(
* Amazon Central / Re: Immediately - Important change to bank account policy
« on: September 23, 2017, 07:21:57 PM »
Why in the world did they allow secondary users to do that in the first place?  :-X
That right there is the pisser with regards to Amazon. You come up with a good idea, and they try to horn in on it.  And, the more diversified the business, the harder it is to continue to do things well.  Typically one's core business will suffer.  Which, I'm seeing more and more complaints about poor packaging in regards to Amazon. Part of that, though, can be attributed to them simply selling more items.  Still, though, it's obvious they're not satisfied with making tons of money. They want to be the only corporation and in charge of it all.

It's gotten to where even *I* have started buying from other companies more often.  For example, I used to buy my toilet paper from Amazon. Their price on Scott 1000 is way cheaper than I can get locally. Their packages used to be such that the rolls individually wrapped inside the package (great for the RV).  Now, they have the same packages that the grocery has and they no longer put it in a box unless you opt for that version at an upcharge.  If you don't opt for that, they slap a label on it, UPS will tear the plastic, and your toilet paper will arrive already filthy.  Now I buy it from Boxed.  Boxed prices are slightly higher, but it comes in a box, is here in a day, and they have the individually wrapped rolls.
Amazon is wanting to grow their catalog in certain categories, so they're running a promo.

Amazon has announced that they are reimbursing sellers for FBA storage fees for new ASINs now through Sept 30, 2017.  FBA storage fees will be incurred after Sept. 30th. 

ASINs must be new to Amazon.
Only the storage fee will be reimbursed.  Other FBA fees will still apply.
New listings created by bundling or multi-packs of existing ASINs do NOT qualify
Only items in New condition will qualify
Fee reimbursement is capped at $50

Applicable categories:
Lawn & Garden
Cell Phones & Accessories
Computers (Personal Computers)
Furniture and Décor
Pet Supplies
Sporting Goods
Home & Garden
Office Products
Sports Collectibles
Crafts and Supplies
Major Appliances
Musical Instruments Equipment & Accessories
Industrial and Scientific
Camera and Photo
Entertainment Collectibles

See details at:

When you get to looking at it, it's not that great of a promo.  Only two months of storage fees are reimbursed and maximum reimbursement is $50.  Still, that'll pay for a nice dinner for two.

I predict we will see a huge amount of generic item listings being created as seller brand.  The exact, same made in China items will grow from having 5 or 6 identical listings to having 10-20 identical listings.
* Amazon Central / Re: 2017 Holiday Selling in Toys & Games on Amazon
« on: July 17, 2017, 01:36:23 PM »
Looks like they're going to throw the doors wide open Jan 5 this time around :( 
And don't forget that they discontinued the neutral packaging last year. Now everything is branded Amazon. That alone (even if I could afford the fees) makes me refuse to use it. I'd rather have stuff sit around my house in boxes for years before I'd ever use MCF and have my customers on other websites get an Amazon package.
Yeah. Crazy to advertise another place with your outgoing shipments. Plus it can confuse ppl having an Amazon box show up when they bought on ebay, etc
Agreed. It sounds like a great idea, but the fees are in crazy land.  There are a lot of companies providing fulfillment services around the country (even FedEx has this service) and I'd lay dollars to doughnuts that you can find one that will do it cheaper than Amazon, and they'd probably do a better job at it.
They've changed the terms of the Prime subscription extension, if your Prime order is late.

It was (for yearly subscribers), up to 12 1-month extensions, every year.  So, say you last paid on October 1st of 2014, you could get 12 extensions between October 1st, 2014 and September 30th, 2015. Then, come October 1st, 2015, you could get 12 more extensions up through September 30th of 2016.  Enough late shipments and you never pay for Prime again.

Now (again for yearly subscribers), it's up to 12 1-month extensions every subscription payment.  So, if you last paid in October 1st of 2016, you can get 12 extensions between then and September 30th of 2017, but come October 1st of 2018 you have to pay again. And, any late orders from October 1st of 2017 and September 30th of 2018 will not qualify for an extension.   However, you can usually get a $5-$10 credit because of the late shipment.

This change explains why I have been unable to get any more free months of Prime added to my account even though my year anniversary was last September.  The last time I actually paid for Prime was back in 2014.  Some condemn me for hitting them up for the free extensions and credits, but what part of Guaranteed 2-day Shipping means not really guaranteed?
Just read a thread about another product price glitch. This one was for the Segway Mini Pro.  Current Amazon price $499 but due to a glitch last night, people were getting the black model for $184 - $189.   No telling how many glitches happened yesterday.  Hopefully no 3P FBA prices were affected.

Looks like Amazon is trying to get people to sign up for business accounts again.  Now they're giving away the Echo Dot to business accounts  Account creation requires submitting EIN.  Not sure if existing business accounts are eligible.

Hope everyone had a good Prime day event.

I still have a drawer full of cassettes and some 8 tracks

Just saw this that is going to hurt some of the 3P sellers - not only does Amazon have several books on sale today, but they have a $5 off $15 promo for books and reportedly works on calendars too.  Coupon code: PRIMEBOOKS17

They're also having tons of glitches today. Some people are having trouble getting that coupon to stay applied (it'll say it's applied but then it takes it off after you finalize the purchase).  There was a glitch earlier that let some people buy the Echo for $0.01, and a similar glitch let people buy TP-Link wifi outlets for $8 each.  That one was simply by asking Alexa to buy it.  The Echo one was ask Alexa to buy it, say no when it asks you to confirm, add it to cart manually, and at checkout it came out to $0.01.  It was discovered because person tried to order it via Alexa but Alexa said it'd be full price instead of the Prime Day price, so he said no and manually added, but when got to last step of purchasing, lo and behold...

It seems most of the glitches are Alexa ordering related, so hopefully it wont mess up 3P vendor sale prices.

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