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* Amazon Central / Amazon Seller Forum Thread: Thank you Amazon?
« on: Yesterday at 12:01:02 PM »
Thread: Is this a fair thank you to amazon
Thread is Pretty, Pretty Strong.
New tools to Create High-Quality Images for Your Listings
Jun 5, 2017

Achieve high-quality images of your products with a fast, cost-effective process, using our portable photo studio and the Amazon Seller mobile app. Learn more by visiting the Portable Photo Studio.

My attempts at using the photo app have been 100% successful.
I like it!
Amazon’s new Alexa-enabled Dash Wand is basically free for Prime subscribers
Video on page showing how Amazon Dash Wand works.
Prime Members buy for $20.00 and receive a $20.00 credit.
On Friday night I noted issues as a buyer.
Prime was showing up with shipping prices if it showed up at all.
Item I wanted to buy was around 10.00 and showed a shipping price of $6.67.
The item was Prime.
Should have shown Prime with of course the free shipping next to the item.

At times getting a 503 error.

Found a small discussion going on Seller Forum Thread but it just sellers griping.
Went onto Reddit

Next day...same issue

There are issues this AM...
Wonder what's going on in the background...when this happens usually sellers have some new kinda update, too.

And if buyers can't use the site, then that means we aren't making money.

As someone who'd hoped to get a shipment out today and Seller Central will show unable to access at times and then it won't...this is frustrating.
I've not run across this before and now it's happened for a 2nd time using Buyer-Seller Messaging interface.
I had upgraded customer shipping at no additional charge to them from Priority instead of First Class.
I wanted my customer to know to be on the watch out for their package sooner than the original date Amazon stated.
I'm wondering if the default is now set to no messages. Hmmmmmmm.

Your message to a buyer could not be delivered

We were unable to deliver the message you sent for order because the buyer has chosen to opt out of receiving unsolicited messages from sellers.

However, even if a buyer has opted out of unsolicited messages, if you need to send them a message critical to completing his or her order, you can include the word [Important] in the subject of your message or use the Buyer-Seller Messaging interface on Seller Central:

Go to Manage Orders.
Click the buyer’s name in the list, which will take you to Buyer-Seller Messaging.
Select "Additional Information Required" as your subject, write your message, and click Send
If you tried to respond to a buyer and received a message that the buyer has opted out of unsolicited seller messages, please respond to the buyer on the original message thread (instead of starting a new thread) and make sure that his or her original message is included in your reply.

For your reference, the following messages are considered “critical” to complete the order:
Product customization questions
Delivery scheduling
Issues with a shipping address

The following messages are “not critical” to complete the order:
Requests for seller feedback or customer reviews
Order, shipment, or delivery confirmations
Proactive customer service (for example: product manuals, tips for using the product, FAQs, suggestions if something goes wrong)
Out-of-stock or delay notifications and offers of alternate products (please cancel the order instead)
* Everything eBay / eBay Changes Seller Policies Summer 2017
« on: May 15, 2017, 10:23:33 AM »
eBay Changes Seller Policies Summer 2017 - eComerce Bytes

Here's the announcement from the eBay Announcement Board:

2017 Summer Seller Update

In the 2017 Summer Seller Update, we're making changes to help you increase your sales by creating a better experience for buyers.
Starting in June
Listing Policy Updates

Updates to communications, allowable links, image catalog, and listing best practices to improve site performance for a stronger eBay marketplace.

- Beginning in June 2017, eBay will no longer support active content.

- Buyers and sellers should use eBay Messaging to communicate. Listings and other eBay pages can no longer contain contact information such as email, phone numbers, and social media links effective September 2017

- Starting in September  2017, we will update our links policy to limit the types of links and domains permitted in listings.
Coming this summer

We're increasing exposure of free 30-day and 60-day returns to buyers starting this summer. New opportunities will include:

- Giving buyers options to search for and filter free 30-day and 60-day returns.

- Highlighting free returns policies when buyers visit your listings.

- eBay marketing campaigns that feature the best returns policies.
Effective August 1, 2017
International Performance Standards

Starting August 1, 2017, only transactions with buyers in the countries included in the Global region (countries outside the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany) will count toward your seller performance rating in the Global region.
Beginning June 13, 2017
Category and Classification

We will release category, item specifics, and catalog updates starting on June 13, 2017. Changes will include additions, removals, and renames in several eBay categories.
I knew the required 2 step verification would be coming soon...
Figured closer to the before holiday rush.
I guess it's better in the slower season to have us all update our accounts.

Two-step verification is your best protection against unauthorized use of your account. Amazon strongly recommends that you enable it now.
After June 30, your access to Seller Central will be disabled if you have not enrolled.
Reminder: Amazon Item Guidelines for Books in New Condition

May 8, 2017
Starting in March, eligible Books sellers are now able to compete for the Buy Box for Books in New condition. With this change, we would like to share an important reminder about the requirements for listing Books in New condition on the Amazon Marketplace.
In addition to the General Condition Guidelines, the following guidelines apply for Books listed as New condition:
New: A brand-new, unused, unread copy in perfect condition. The dust cover and original protective wrapping, if any, is intact. All supplementary materials are included and all access codes for electronic material, if applicable, are valid and/or in working condition.
Books with markings of any kind on the cover or pages, books marked as “Bargain” or “Remainder,” or with any other labels attached, may not be listed as New condition.  Additionally, Books listings must exactly match the item described, including edition/version, binding type, and country of origin.
Sellers who list Books in New Condition that do not meet these guidelines may have their offer removed, and could face additional action for repeated violations, including account suspension or termination.
Amazon Use Buyer-Seller Messaging to send important order information

May 10, 2017
Buyer-Seller Messaging allows buyers to opt out of receiving unsolicited, non-critical messages from sellers. If you need to send a buyer a message that is necessary to complete their order, include the word [Important] in brackets in the subject line of the message sent via email. You can also use the Buyer-Seller Messaging interface in Seller Central:
Go to Manage Orders.
Click the buyer’s name in the list to go to Buyer-Seller Messaging.
Select "Additional Information Required" as your subject, write your message, and click Send. 
The following messages are considered critical to complete a buyer's order:
Product customization questions
Delivery scheduling
Issues with a shipping address
The following messages are not critical to complete an order:
Requests for seller feedback or customer reviews.
Order, shipment, delivery or refund confirmations. Amazon already sends these emails.
Proactive customer service. For example, product manuals, tips for using the product, answers to frequently asked questions, suggestions if something goes wrong.
Out-of-stock or delay notifications and offers of alternative products. Please cancel the order instead.
* Amazon Central / Amazon "Sold, ship now" email format changes
« on: May 12, 2017, 11:40:47 AM »
Amazon "Sold, ship now" email format changes

May 10, 2017
Starting May 17, “Sold, ship now” emails are changing to HTML from text-based emails. For more information on enabling your “Sold, ship now” emails

Totally can NOT buuuuhlieve the seller that started this thread.

Thread: A Client's Address Is Included In Bad Buyer List
Interesting, Very Interesting.

Greetings from Amazon Seller Support
I have worked in Seller Support for a few years. I am cross trained in FBA and our Catalog team. I was speaking with a Seller today who mentioned that he doesn’t feel like Amazon communicates well with our Sellers. I agree that this is something Amazon could improve. Officially Amazon does not comment or post on things like this subreddit or our forums so I am here as a fellow redditor. I am using a burner account because some of this information would breach my NDA and would likely get me fired. I am not going to be spilling company secrets or teaching how to get around our systems or processes. However, there are a few things I wish all Sellers knew and a bit of wrong information I have seen on here and on the forums

Reddit: A few notes from a Seller Support Associate
Amazon Seller Headlines: Important changes for Media products in May 2017

Apr 24, 2017
We are making three important changes for sellers who sell Media products on the Amazon Marketplace on

1. Sellers will be able to offer free shipping and set their own shipping prices on Books, Music, Video, and DVD products.

Effective May 1, 2017, you will be able to set your own shipping prices for Standard delivery and set different shipping prices by province for Expedited delivery, or by country for International delivery. Your current shipping settings and shipping prices will be retained when the new capability launches on May 1. Beginning on that date, you can adjust your shipping prices for Books, Music, Video, and DVD products using the new Shipping Settings. Migrate to the new Shipping Settings if you have not done so.

2. Sellers will be able to compete for the Buy Box for Books in new condition.

Starting in late Q2 2017, eligible sellers will be able to compete for the Buy Box for Books in new condition. The Buy Box is the display on the product detail page with the Add to Cart button that customers can use to add items to their shopping carts. When one of your listed items appears as the default on the product detail page, you win the Buy Box, which can increase your chances of selling that item. To compete for the Buy Box, both your selling account and your listed item must be eligible. Becoming eligible to compete for the Buy Box doesn’t guarantee that you will win it. You can increase your chances by pricing your items competitively, offering Prime and free shipping, providing great customer service, and keeping stock available.

3. Changes to Selling on Amazon fees.

We will be making two changes to how Selling on Amazon fees are charged for Media products (including Books, Music, Video, DVD, Software, and Video Games). These fee changes will not take effect until May 1, 2017, to give you time to plan accordingly.

    Variable Closing Fees (VCF): The VCF charge in Media product categories (Books, Music, Video, DVD, Software, and Video Games) will change to a fixed fee rate of CDN $1.00 per item, from the current variable fee rate of CDN $0.24 to CDN $1.35 per item. This charge will appear as a Closing Fee (CF) instead of as a VCF to avoid confusion, as it will not longer be variable.
    Referral fees: Currently, the referral fee for Media products is an applicable percentage of an item’s sales price (excluding any shipping or gift wrap charges). Effective May 1, 2017, the referral fee will instead be calculated on the total sales price (the total amount paid by the customer, including the item price and any shipping or gift wrap charges), as follows:
* Amazon Central / Amazon Required removals policy notice
« on: April 13, 2017, 09:31:33 AM »
Headline News: Amazon Required removals policy notice

Apr 11, 2017
We would like to remind you that cancelling a required removal order for unsuitable,unsellable, or unfulfillable inventory is a violation of the FBA Required Removals policy.

We notify you when you have inventory in an Amazon fulfillment center that requires removal. This includes aging inventory in unsellable condition and inventory that does not have an active listing.

Within 30 days of receiving an unsellable inventory notice, you must request the return or disposal of the inventory that we require you remove from Amazon fulfillment centers or, for stranded inventory, create active offers.
New Shipping Migration.
Effective date 6-15-2017.
Soooo, 2 months before it's automatic migration a red flag shows on seller dashboard?
Well, at least I know my hearts in good condition.
That flag? I don't like it.

Helpful thread on the New Shipping Migration and an informative How To:
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